EuroLeague: Lack of discord that left Real Madrid without option: “We should have done it” | Euroleague 2021

Real Madrid 57 Anadolu Efes 58


Pablo Lasso admitted his mistake in a decisive move that ended Efe’s possession and Madrid did not have time to respond. Record of triple missed in a final

Efes celebrates victory in Belgrade.
Efes celebrates victory in Belgrade.pedja milosavljevicAFP
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inconsistent kick of Sergio Lulu The reason was after the last respect: the absence of discord. Because the risky path Real Madrid took in the abyss led to surprise and ultimately their conviction. The manual indicated that the least bad choice was to execute maiko Free throw with 17.3 seconds remaining. Failure option, triple later, who knows… fan more than those three second intervals in which nothing could have happened.

No one was slow to admit the mistake, a proof. Paul Lasso The foreign minister said bluntly: “We should have done it. Now it’s easy to think that we should have done it, but I thought with more than three seconds we could defend and capture the last.” ” Rarely is the final decision made passively.

“Everyone is asking me about the last possession, but you don’t lose or win a game in the last, it’s the first,” he approved. give it back, Marked. Because the French, who didn’t have the best night (among him, abalde and talker, zero of 16 in the triple), was the one who committed both in a row on Micic with 44 seconds remaining and Madrid had not entered the bonus. And maybe the other can be spared.

“I have nothing to say about past plays, I prefer to watch them later,” he said adam hanga, who soon recognized the problem: “If you want to win you have to put your shots in these types of games and we didn’t. That’s it.” The white six of 36 (18.2%), the record in the Euroleague final in its entire history, is negative. One problem, the lack of toe/pure shooters, has been fatal in the worst moments of the Madrid course. “We didn’t have much success. We played well during several moments of the game, but we didn’t score. I have many shots in my mind and many shots from my teammates,” Abalde admitted.

“We can’t blame the boys for anything, they gave up everything, head or tail, it was a tough team,” continued the coach, who once again missed out on a title, of his era. 22nd with which he will be equal lolo sanzo, He coaxed glory, an unusual rebirth, but he hasn’t picked up that cup of Málaga, a significant crown for two and a half years. Unspeakable season, with 17 losses in 28 matches in 82 days, 10 in a row yesterday, needs to continue in the ACB playoffs now where you won’t be able to count on one williams-goss Wounded to Remains “Now I’m definitely screwed. We’re talking about a team working hard to get here and I think we’ve done a lot of things well, but maybe our The pass is lacking to break the game,” he concluded.

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