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Now you tell me he is going to play his 8th Final Four… To be honest, I couldn’t have imagined such a legend. Lie, I could have medaled. He looked technically very capable, but… in Belgrade, where Real Madrid won the Dcima four years ago, he was a young man with long hair. Zone Plaza I found myself annoyed and without playing in the humble Rico Manresa, the Ramora who came into the team that had just won the ULEB Cup will make history this week. Sergio Lulu (Mahan, 1987), which in this version opposes the passage of time, is the beginning and end of the team to which he swore eternal loyalty, his name being one of the greatest in the Euroleague.

When Barra faces Barra in the semi-finals on Thursday (9:00 pm, DAZN), it will be his eighth appearance in the last 10 F4, the first Spaniard in that number, looking for his 23rd title in white, a move. far. handful of records [ver grfico]27 points behind the top scorer (although if the FIBA ​​era is to be counted, it would be Nikos Galliso, 238 points in just eight matches). Lull’s playing field, which also opposes his third crown, is perhaps the most unexpected. As unusual as it was the first Final Four 11 years ago in Sant Jordi, the coach with whom he made his debut, remembers. It was a very young group, when we went out it looked like a party. We have enthusiasm. It was a tough loss against Maccabi, but Lul played the next match. [por el tercer puesto, ante el Montepaschi Siena] Knowing that there was a historical need for this shirt with a sense of leadership. All the signs identifying him as a leader were already there (he lost again, but scored 23 points, he remembers). Lele MolinTrento’s current coach, the fugitive’s assistant Ettore Messina With which Real Madrid returned to a summit meeting after 15 years.

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It was a first-leg, painful, pure learning in the two-losing finals until the first title in 2015. But already in 2011, Balearic was starring in one of the most amazing stories of Spanish basketball, because he had barely arrived in Madrid, from the good eye of risk-takers. I had encountered him in training and he was just another boy. Then we saw him at Esparguera, a small team where Manresa sent the Ramoras, recalls Joan Plaza, who reassured Alberto Herreros and Antonio Martin To sign the young man about whom myth said that as a cadet he had scored 71 points in a game with La Salle Mahan. Why are you going to sign another point guard? Because I wanted it basic. It was a song in the desert, it was anticipating the future. It was risky because it didn’t make sense and then what happened happened.

So lul, despite the competition with Ral Lepez and Carem Tunsaric, it became hollow. He was brave. you told him, go rescue perception And the man walks in. Without complexes, Plaza continues, which was recently reminded by Sergei himself that he forced her to cut her hair, which she soon made friends with. Felipe with Mumbre, That they took part in the league title, which would go on to complete a round year, that 2007. And that, around summer… boom, when we beat the NBA for the first time. That match was played at the Palace and he was already ‘lul, lul, lul’. But what if this shit was barely playing at MNRESA four days ago? It was a bombshell in the team that made everyone more competitive and hooked the masses… We weren’t wrong, praise the Catalan coach, who polished his pearls. your shot is better with Randy Knowleswith their post game zan tabaki and with his body Juan Trapero, “He’s a guy who’s always loved basketball. There are players who play for punishment, because they’re tall, for their pay. Sergi likes it, he likes training, traveling, playing. If his starting Influence is there and he also goes that the team was closest to his heart, as Madrid was to him… all this made him a phenomenon”.

12 days after the Raptors had fallen in love with the NBA for 17 points he was going to reject, he made his Euroleague debut, which he has 343 nights in. This was against Ulkar, at Abdi Ipeki in Istanbul. I had to tread carefully. The group had a very quiet dynamic and had to stop. Because he made an immediate impact, but that couldn’t lead him to believe LeBron or make others see him as a threat.

It won’t take Lul long to raise his voice in a top continental competition in which Madrid were not yet a hero. With Messina and Molin on the bench, he put on his superhero cape to lift a game they lost to Montepaschi 11 in the third quarter. He scored 17 points in 11 minutes, including the final triple to win basket average. Now everyone talks about her crazy shots in hot moments. But I already remember that game in 2010. This ability, that courage, this Sergio, talent, energy and above all personality, admits a Moline who was impressed by Lull’s commitment to say no to the Rockets and who admires the veteran he is today. His maturity, his intelligence, playing finals every season, medals with Spain… His role changed, but his leadership remained the same. And he concluded without hesitation: he is a legend of the Euroleague.

Because Lull, at 34, is still the man who gives the ball when it burns. This same season, despite his and the team’s winter slump, he has shown his strength. He comes in Belgrade with an average of 8.7 points, but tops that with two appearances against Maccabi in that series of quarter-finals that changed everything. 17 points and five triples in second, 18 and six assists in the final in Tel Aviv.

He is learning to help the team, because injuries to players who are so dependent on their bodies, so disruptive, are complicated. He has taken good advantage of maturity, analyzes Plaza, which predicts a good sunset for him: Paul Lasso You’re managing her well, not over-exploiting her. He has three to four years to remain at the highest level in Europe. And it returns, as an important lesson, to the unlikely origins that changed the life of the boy who played with his brother Ivan in that hoop with electrical tape in his room. People who come or come from filth give more importance to everything. He knew that he had to take advantage of the opportunity. There are players who are in small clubs and think they are not going to do anything. Lull is a great example of how, with perseverance, perseverance, you get what you deserve.

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