EuroLeague: Madrid complete their revenge against Barra in a painful classic and will fight for their eleventh European Cup. Euroleague 2021


The white team broke their losing streak against Azulgrana and will play the final against Efes on Saturday. (83-86)

Lul and Yabuselle celebrate Madrid's victory.
Lul and Yabuselle celebrate Madrid’s victory.pedja milosavljevicAFP
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is saved madrid Revenge, but on the hottest platter, tops where it matters most, where it is never forgotten. before the eyes of europa who enthusiastically ponder over the extreme and infinite pending accounts of the two great men. in that unique performance of last four was where the whites returned In college from jasikevicius So many nights of despair. Where that competitive gene revived is not sold over the counter other than gladiators’ self-love. tell it lalWarrior icon, one of the heroes of the night Belgrade, to return to the full continental final after four years. (83-86).

Because the blow of Madrid, who will be looking for his Saturday Eleventh European CupIn front of him Ephesus In this Stark Arena, it was double. confirmed his resurrection, the validity of lassimo, and, above all, dynamite the foundation of the building upon which the eternal rival threatened to build his grand empire. In college Euroleaguewho hasn’t won since 2010 holds In collegeat the gates of glory again ruined, with the wasted brilliance of mirotic, His anger at missing the desperate final throw, the futility of his performance summed up what had just happened.

return of madrid

And it so happened that Madrid, which seemed to have disintegrated too soon, got up without really knowing how to scream with rage where he had made his last throne. 13 point hunt The second part begins at the start and ends with one breaking his deadly inertia against Bara, who showed a massive lack of personality.

Later five run loss -mixed, heavy, defensive, offensive, controversial…, of all colors-, something had to be different Paul Lasso on your roadmap. And he did not hesitate to eradicate his demons with his Panchak. with yabusele y deck False pvots took advantage of that initial chaos, even if it was momentary: eight points from the French against the bewildered sanali, As soon as Mustard run along Brandon DavisLasso had already activated Tavares in the frantic card game that became the opening act. It was a foreshadowing of a battle of pure suffering.

But the first major problem for Madrid was over long ago. -with the only pure basis of their blueprint Alokani injured and hertel Apart-, williams-goss, the key to facing the Barka Perimeter Battalion, did not last a minute on the track. At 52 seconds he had to retire with obvious symptoms of pain in his right leg. Furthermore, the surprise effect for Lasso was short-lived.

was able to stop the first rent ass, with a mirotic that was already dancing on the parquet. But in the second act, when Saras’ men were already determined to sabotage any white offensive, Madrid watered poorly, shrunken faces, points by drop count, as if all of the ghosts were on his way at once. were presented before. He also seemed to lack courage from the genes that until recently had made him unparalleled competitors. With the break the bell saved him, an 11–1 final quarter that took the whites off too soon.

The torture, which was already expressed by the faces far behind (47–34), did not stop upon his return from the locker room. Every little green twig was ruined by Bara, especially A. By mirotic in perfection, But Madrid didn’t stop trying. Abalde, Talker, Tavares… He gritted his teeth against his fate. To such an extent that Bara, being very confident in his field, slept badly and revived what seemed doomed. error mortal, The ending of the third act was amazing. A run of 2-17: Suddenly there was an end.

The defense was what inspired Madrid, who have now been licked poirier Chief with the wrath of what was left for the dead. This is given to Lulu, for the experience of someone who was there many times. And it looked like the balance had been tipped off with another triple by Yabusele (66-73). So, I revived Bara with two others per response. laprovitola And an offensive rebound from Mirotic that equals everything. The fight was already pure trance, two fighters in desperation. Details that make decisions. five points after talkative, calatheaan aggressive rebound of deckvolatile free throws and finally give it back White smile at the end with dagger.

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