EuroLeague: One-Third for Eternity by Miki: Champion Greek blows up hell in Belgrade. Euroleague 2021

Olympiakos 74 Anadolu Efes 77


Efes perpetuates the obsession of the Olympics with the talent of the Serbian point guard. Play the third consecutive final against the winner of Barcelona-Real Madrid

Mike gets up in the last basket, on Vizenkov.
Mike gets up in the last basket, on Vizenkov.pedja milosavljevicAFP

What are they going to tell the demons of hell? There is no noise that deafs talent, there is no scream that stifles talent. Larkin and Mico, Michick and Larkin, the couple that the future will talk about. The men who led Anadolu Efes to dominate Europe, three consecutive finals, insist that his reign does not end there. One supported the Turks against Olympiacus’s rebellion of self-love, the other, the Serbs in Serbia hit a three-pointer on the buzzer that would forever remain an iconic image of the Final Four. [Narracin y estadsticas: 74-77]

Efes will defend his scepter at Stark Arena on Saturday because he has what no one else has. It is they who make the difference, who take responsibility by the field when the ball burns. Vasilje Michi, who had not exactly spent his afternoon in Belgrade, having missed four baskets, seven triples and even three free throws, did not hesitate in the least. There were 19 seconds left and his team was in the middle of a traffic jam that smelled of play: they had not scored for more than seven minutes into the game.

The last play had no more beginning or end than Mike. He ended the occupation, called for a block, went free Vezenkov. walkup to pair with And rise from the front to hammer a glorious triple nail, which is the basket of eternity.

He wasted all the thrust of Olympiacus, who had shown that there was no passion like him, after this five-year absence and plunged him into oblivion of being another. first year after spanaulis was of seriousness, defended as a springboard, of walkups, Dorsey Y Fall And Sasha Venzenkov as a pillar to raise tomorrow. And that enthusiasm in defence, as if his life depended on each ball, prevailed in the first semi-final, initially to be upbeat, dominated by huge fall paint and by then Mikecic failed more than needed (14–7) happened.

Efes managed to take a breath, but again the . group of bartzokas (Coach of the Year in the Euroleague), the coach with whom he won his last crown in 2013. A walkup steal from Larkin that ended against Helena was crucial to the passion on the court, but Point Guard Florida had already begun the bombing. It was his three-pointers (four at halftime) that kept the champion, who returned with another vigor from the locker room.

There Larkin found an unexpected partner. eliza bryante, who shone in Maccabi and even got to participate in the Bucks ring last year, opened after a gray season. He joined the festival from the periphery (he finished with a record 14) and multiplied himself on the field. He had a top 15 score in the season, but he knew how to step into the moment of truth, where his team, with a defeat krunoslav simonI needed him more.

It was a brutal blow. The Greek power seemed to have disappeared (48–59). But then his references woke up. Their leading scorers Vezenkov and Dorsey were kept clean till halftime. He signed 15 points in the third act. And finally, they get even closer (69–70), while Stark Arena’s temperature rises, red and white attack.

The sect was a nervous wreck. What used to be a precious exchange is now failing and failing, as if no one dared to be a hero. The last basket he played for Efe was played by Larkin with 7:39 remaining. two free throws slocaso and a basket Hassan Martin He leveled the match. But then, the chosen one.

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