EuroLeague: Poirier and Real Madrid reborn: “We wondered what was happening, we suspected” | Euroleague 2021

The French pvot, the key to the Whites’ resurgence during the quarterfinal against Maccabi, and one of Pablo Lasso’s most deserving players, is hungry for the first Final Four of his career. This Thursday, the semi-final against Barcelona (9:00 pm).

Vincent Poirier.
Vincent Poirier.ACB Photos


With his body full of tattoos, his beard of a sailor and his massiveness of 213 centimeters, Vincent Poirier (Chamart, France, 1993) Could totally be the protagonist of a B-series horror film. But like many times, appearance is deceiving. I don’t like stereotypes, I’m a good guy, kidding too much, he tells EL Mundo in his first interview randomly to jump from Spanish to English, because a year ago, another NBA by Real Madrid The renegade was signed. , The key to White’s resurgence, and one of the fittest players, during the quarter-finals against the French legend, Maccabi Paul LassoLet’s face the first last four of his career with hunger.

How can you explain Real Madrid’s season?
Sometimes it fluctuates between seasons. We had a big drop. We lost the cup final and that hurts us, it hurts us. Then we try to find ourselves as a team to get back to our basketball. in playoffs Against Maccabi everyone focused on ourselves and the team at the same time and we were able to go back to where we were at the beginning. It’s like that, you go up and down. We just keep working, believe in ourselves, that’s the key. And we come back strong.
Was it a mental problem?
As I told you, that cup final hurt us, because everyone wanted to win the title. We lost, it was a disappointment. And we all began to ask ourselves what was happening, to doubt. Then after every defeat we talked amongst ourselves. barbecue [en casa de Rudy] It was one more step, it’s always good to be united. I really don’t know how to explain what happened. I think it’s just part of the season. Now the important games have arrived and everyone knows what to do, what we have to improve to win them. We don’t think about that recession anymore.
After the Copa del Rey final and so many losses against them, is it an incentive to beat Barra?
In these types of games, it doesn’t matter what happened before. It’s different, in another neutral scenario, neither of them are at home, they play differently. We know it’s important: a classic, a Euroleague semi-final. Whichever team we face at the moment, it will be a tough game. That’s what we have to pay attention to. I repeat, no one is going to think about what has happened before, the past doesn’t matter.
He debuted in a spectacular moment in the last four. Are we facing the best version of Poirier?
I don’t know if this is the best version of me now. Playing for Real Madrid, of course. I’m trying to help the team as much as I can, and I’ve done that throughout the season. Sometimes it works better and sometimes worse. But the key to this team is that sometimes we shine and others, others. In this sense we complement each other, we support each other. I hope the same thing happens in the final four. The only thing that matters to me is winning. This is my first last four and I am really looking forward to it.
His second game against Maccabi (31 PIR) was amazing. How does a player feel on the court at that time?
Almighty. It was one of the best matches of my career. When you catch four, five, six offensive rebounds, you feel like you rule the whole world. It’s my job, you feel the strength, how the team grows for you, because shooters gain confidence, they feel they have a network with me there. You can see it on the pitch when I feel good.
ACB Photos
ACB Photos

Does your tough guy help you with your game?
[Re] My appearance has nothing to do with basketball, I don’t want to look like a tough guy. I don’t like stereotypes. That’s the look I like to show off. I’m a kind guy, I like to joke. I am not a moody man. I have a little daughter, she is my love.
We see that you play with him on social networks, has your life changed?
Of course. All that matters now is NOLA. I think of her in every game, because I know she is watching me. I try to make him proud.
There are few pairs in Europe like the one he makes with Tavares. how is your relationship?
When he was in Basconia, I faced him for two years. He was already a very powerful player. When I signed for Madrid, I already knew he was in the team and we were going to face each other every training session. And every day is a battle in color. We try our best to make each other better. We take each other to great lengths, but we have a great relationship, no jealousy. We do things off the field, with families. He’s a great boy.
Yabusele, Tavares, Deck, Williams-Goss, you… Many players have been rejected by the NBA in Real Madrid?
We didn’t have room for whatever it was, but we know we can play. We talk a lot about our experiences in the NBA. But everyone is able to adapt to new conditions, to the team, to the European sport. We are here now and that’s what matters.
ACB Photos

32 games in two seasons, four teams… Was it difficult?
Of course. I am a competitor, I love to play, to be important on the pitch. The career of a basketball player is short. I don’t like to waste time and I really regret it. I would have liked more emotions and experiences on the pitch, that’s what I miss. For the rest, it was a great experience, being with my teammates, pretty cool whatever the NBA is around.
Is too much French spoken in the Real Madrid dressing room?
Very We occupy an entire corner. We make noise. Having three French teammates is very helpful. Our families know each other, we work together. Barbecue, restaurant … we live nearby.
If he wins the Euroleague…
I haven’t even thought about it, but for sure something special will happen. We will see if there is any free space for a new tattoo.

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