EuroLeague: Real Madrid’s double resurgence, Mirotic’s disappointment and another allegation from Jasikevicius: “I missed out on professionalism” | Euroleague 2021


Barra’s coach took a jibe at his players, saying: “We don’t know how to beat the rivals.” Mirotic, devastated, fails again in his attempt to win the Euroleague despite his exhibition

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Mirotic protests after the last pitch of the game.ANDREJ CUKICEFE
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The remains of a shipwreck can be read on the weary faces from one of those battles in which no one has been injured. In the ratio of joys and disappointments lies the greatness of the classics, the envy of Europe. A nico mirotic Tears did not come out, but the fuss in his hoarse hurt. in the smile of lul ya de cosure, the relief of the one who has finally escaped from his labyrinth. What would a fifteenth defeat against an eternal rival mean for this group? We have experienced many emotions this year. We are a team of champions, we have shown every time that the game was important and I am very happy, accept the Frenchman again in Belgrade. Because Real Madrid’s resurgence was double at the Stark Arena.

The same team that had lost 11 of the last 14 against Barra, the same team that was broken not long ago until it had fallen in 17 of its 28 games, the same team that lost 13 out of the locker room. was defeated and could not find a way to stop Mirotic, laprovitola and company. That team will fight for the reign of Europe again in the 19th final of its history. It’s been three or four minutes into the second quarter that we didn’t play well and Pam! They have taken us 10 ahead. They are like that, they are a great team, they have a lot of talent. We have been rolling it slowly but in the end we don’t think we have won it, he expressed satisfaction Paul Lasso,

On the other hand, the disappointment was huge at the height of expectations. Project jasikevicius, who had already lost the last EuroLeague final in Cologne, had an inevitable appointment with glory in Belgrade. The best team of the regular season, with all its pieces ready. We’ve lost many decisive matches… We don’t have a killer instinct and it’s hard to admit, the Lithuanian coach returned with his words disproportionately many times in the loss. This isn’t the first time he’s accused his players: I missed the greater sacrifice and professionalism. This is a big disappointment for us. I think we are a better team, but we will not play in the final. This has happened to us many times, such is this team. A team with talent, but doesn’t know how to beat rivals or chain. It is very difficult for me to accept it. Being so close to playing another final, getting 52 points isn’t serious, without a hint of self-criticism, Saras insisted in the melee.

But Mirotic was a man of the night, devastated. Words do not come out in mixed fields. He has played well, especially in the second half. They have been more successful. Congratulations, he spoke vague words, with a lost gaze. In his case the pain increases manifold. The man who seems to be slipping through his fingers to win titles, to set a rhythm in Europe by escaping from the NBA. He had already lost two finals in his white phase (2013 and 2014), as well as in Cologne the year before. Also, his deployment, from start to finish, was amazing: 26 points, 12 rebounds, five assists… not at all.

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