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In the final down 60 points (57–58), the white team fell as the protagonists with rival Pivot Tibor Plessis.

Tavares and Lull after the final whistle.
Tavares and Lull after the final whistle.Sergio PerezEFE
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  • semi final Real Madrid take revenge in a painful classic against Barra and will fight for their eleventh European Cup

Real Madrid’s unusual and strange resurgence dies on the shores of glory, as it stumbles upon the final step towards the eleventh, where it is suddenly woken up by Anadolu Efes, the wild group that dances to the tune of two unique types (57–58 ) it was not the prettiest job Vasilje Michi You Shane Larkin, But they took the EuroLeague title for the second year in a row, something only Maccabi and Olympiakos had achieved in this century.

The result was not commensurate with the achievement, as there were no heroes or talents in Belgrade. It was in the mud where a painful final was resolved that could have fallen on either side. Error was the hero, the finals down 60 points as before. In that last line full of obstacles and slippery Tibor Place, an unexpected element, had unbalanced the plans, with Madrid finding no loopholes or clarity to resolve. The fury that the Captain gave voice lal After the final honours, from the seconds that passed without an answer when Larkin missed the corner, he accelerated into the group. Paul Lasso,

This hurts even more, as Vittoria’s coach has claimed several times that Thriller, this time to the Stark Arena, will be marred by defeat, the hopeless desire of someone who will take a step back from starring in one of the most Away was the wonderful stories that remember the game. Mainland Basketball. To be reborn from the abyss to a crown, which I could not have imagined just a month ago. Dodge distress, brawl and even disappointment against Bara, but give up for just one crack.

Madrid missed 27 triples and let the rebound fight win. Ahh Cold Keys, a delicious treat for MVP Mike’s teacher, who handles the ending like a surgeon. Because at first, after a singular song of effort and concentration, the whites really kept her on track. In the third act he did not let Ephes breathe, who repeatedly hit a wall. ah, nine up, two triple abalde He wanted to play with destiny. As with Madrid in the semi-final against Barra, Efes took advantage of that life, mentally refreshing in moments made for memory.

start of tavares

There had been a sense of silence since dawn, both showing respect to those who have nothing to do with themselves, with Abalde himself serving as a base in the face of injury. williams-goss and a. punishment of’ hertel, which was not called immediately as per the plan. In the middle of the strategy, the huge figure of past adjustments that simply disintegrate with the passing of minutes Tavares Who mastered painting by playing with children. Madrid failed and failed, triple A presentation condemnation, and the African corrected it, selfless in the offensive rebound.

He put on his shoes (12 points, seven rebounds) until Larkin committed his second foul. Because the first half was about to trace the script in its two acts. He dominated Madrid, creating a pillar of defence, and revived Efes in the only possible way with the pranks of Larkin and Michi, who took turns with whips. An unexpected guest of the finale soon appeared: Anthony Randolph, whose role is being reduced until it is dropped to give it a break. give it back (then just one point), hit two three-pointers to put his team in the break.

Tavares, in defense.
Tavares, in defense.Sergio PerezEFE

Lasso’s first mission accomplished. aggressive edge atman 29 points were reduced, 23 of them from pairs. Six minutes later it was still at 31, as the passage through the locker room confirmed White’s defensive commitment, not a mark, the art of solidarity helped relentlessly. a third of construction, one of the captains in the back of that textbook pulled a rope (40-31) that had some strings left. But Ephes, who was about to rise to glory again, clinging to them also because of those things of fate.

Two triples by Abalde played into the opponent’s hoop, spit out with an Ouch!, and in response to the Pleasant Nail. And everything tightened up again, the tension was so high that Anderson and Poirier hugged each other. If Larkin hadn’t missed the last two free throws, he would have entered a moment of equivalence. But Efes sensed, now I know, weakness when his opponent missed and with growing frustration missed the triple. Micic and Pleiss were assigned, and after a run of 2–14, they managed to command (44–47). The German took the fireworks plug from Poirier, but it was going to be a turning point with his open shots and continuity on the rim. His two more baskets certainly set off the white alarm and there were only three minutes left to go.

Oh drama. And those unpredictable elements that sometimes decide empires. to triple deck Mic replied, chatty Man And Tavares missed a free throw each, single thing He caught a powerful offensive rebound and Plessis and Lull scored for what would be the last basket of the night. With 44 seconds to play, Madrid were missing out on two fouls to enter the bonus. When he did run them out, Efes had 17.2 seconds and 14 possessions left. He did not opt ​​to take Micic in a free throw, which ended the possession, giving it to Larkin. The mistake didn’t matter, because there was no time for more, only to the dismay of some and the joy of others.

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