Europa League: After 42 years, Eintracht takes Europe on penalties. europa league 2021


Kevin Trapp, deciding in extra time and in the final shootout, sinks Rangers in the Europa League final.

The Eintracht trap goalkeeper saved Ramsey's shot in the shootout.
The Eintracht trap goalkeeper saved Ramsey’s shot in the shootout.AFP
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kevin trap, a goalkeeper who has been battling against his curse since those six goals scored at Camp Nou in Barra’s historic comeback against PSG in 2017, experienced the other side of football. The one who gives meaning to the suffering of years. trap sunk Ramsey What was no good brought Rangers to tears and led Eintracht to the Europa League title 42 years after their UEFA Cup victory. [Narracin y estadsticas: 1-1 (5-4)]

How many times will Rangers be reminded that despite being Scotland’s most successful club, they have managed to win only one European title in their entire history, 50 years ago. Also, full of stains. Then, in the final played against Dynamo Moscow, his fans ravaged the Camp Nou. They broke the seats. He stormed the bars. And he took the playing field up to five times during the game. While the police were using nightsticks, the Rangers captain, John GreggFind the trophy hidden in a small room in Barca Stadium.

In the cauldron of Sánchez Pizzun, that Rangers fan sheltered behind his United Kingdom flag, the moral tension can be felt. Also in the opposite background, where the white stands of the Germans lit up with flames. Reactions to those faced with the need to generate new memories when overwhelmed. Despite its tradition, Eintracht, a modest team in terms of success, was also fighting against history.

Only in this way could it be understood that the two teams would face a duel with the typical flurry of appointments with no return. It didn’t matter too much that Eintracht was the team with more rennet against rival Faith.

Rangers hardly knew what to do with the ball once it crossed the midfield line. despite the decline hinteragerEintracht’s defensive leader, the team of Oliver Glasner He was in no trouble in the back. enough to disconnect tavernier, the top scorer in the competition despite the fact that his record shows that he is a side player. For Tavernier, to his misfortune, he had to share the edge costicA tormentor who is able to cover a distance of 70 meters at a gallop and end himself with a single shot. McGregor Ah full.

rodeThe captain of the Eintracht protested after the stud with a cumbersome bandage over his head. lundstrom Changed to Blade after brawl.

It was Lundström who was in charge of covering Tavernier’s progress down the line, although the Liverpool-born midfielder did what he could when Eintracht started one of his offensive waves. McGregor took a shot knauf After a solo adventure; Lindstrom sprained his leg at a rehearsal game, leaving him alone on the edge; And Kostik, who else, was volleying wide.

among them gio van bronkhorst they missed out on a huge presence of the talented canto, Instead, he found ariboA beating Ram who is not, the answer to his problems after the break. plant seeds Head back, the worst he knew, broken He broke into two while running unbalanced, and Eribo was just crowned.

The Scottish goal, far from intimidating Eintracht, encouraged him to continue the attack. Till then drill He scored thanks to a center from Kostik and a stern error from the central defenders.

Fatigue took center stage with fear, noticeable during regulation time, unbearable in extra time where Rangers had a great opportunity in the throes of suffering. Kent, on target, ran into a heavenly leg from the trap. The same one who, before Burr’s sentence, shed tears at Ramsey’s firing. Also from McGregor, a goalkeeper who, at 40, saw the opportunity to slip for a lifetime.

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