Europa League: Eintracht and Rangers fans fight in Seville. europa league 2021


Two hours before the final between the two teams, fans of both teams threw items and furniture at each other in the streets near Pizzun.

  • events Five Eintrach fans arrested after “heavy fighting” in Seville

Fans of the German Eintracht de Frankfort and Scottish Rangers clashed separately on the streets of Seville hours before the Europa League final between the two teams.

At the beginning of the San Bernardo bridge, which provides access to Eduardo Dato Avenue, German fans attacked Scots, who were at the bar in the area, drinking their beers before going to Sánchez Pizzun, about two kilometers from the distance. Various objects and furniture were thrown in the clashes.

According to police sources, similar incidents occurred at the beginning of Luis Montoto Avenue, parallel to Eduardo Dato Avenue, and at the beginning of which Scots were attacked by German fans in the so-called Puerta de Carmona.

It was 6:30 p.m., when at least five vans of the National Police arrived in the area to neutralize the disturbance, without any disturbance, if any injuries or arrests occurred.

The national police have already arrested five fans from German Eintracht Frankfurt over an attack on Scottish Glasgow Rangers fans in a massive fight that took place in front of Seville’s cathedral at midnight this Tuesday.

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