Europa League: Five Intact fans arrested after a “massive fight” in Seville. europa league 2021


Eintracht and Rangers meet in the Europa League final this Wednesday night

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Controversy in Seville ahead of the Europa League final.brand

five fans of Eintracht de Frankfort has been detained in Seville After some altercation with fans ranger people Scots before the final of europa league Between the two teams, the Spanish police reported this on Wednesday.

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday “a big fight took place in front of the cathedral of Seville”, which drew two hundred fans. Unity “They were attacking supporters Glasgow Rangers“, the police said in a statement.

German fans not only clashed with rival fans, but “began throwing glass, flares and tables at National Police officers.”

Police used riot gear to break up German fans, five of whom were arrested for “public disorder”. Police said no one was reported injured in the clash except a Scottish supporter, who suffered a head injury.

Unity And this ranger people They will face off in the final this Wednesday night europa league In this Sanchez Pizzun Stadium from Seville,

Authorities have arranged a massive security apparatus with over 5,000 soldiers, including police, private security agents and members of the health services.

On Tuesday, the coach of both the teams, Mr. Oliver Glasner You Giovanni van BronkhorstHe called upon the fans to enjoy the final in peace.

Unity I calculated that some 50,000 German fans would attend SevilleWhile the Scottish side also noted the presence of thousands of fans.

fans of Unity They had already staged other disputes with fans. West Ham The English met last March when the two teams met in the Andalusian capital in the Round of 16 to play against betis And this Seville,

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