European Commission threatens new legal measures against United Kingdom


EU puts new legal measures on the table and most strongly responds with 27 capitals in the coming days

Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street on June 13.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street on June 13.Aaron ChauneyAFP
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“Unilateral action is detrimental to the formula of mutual trust and uncertainty.” Relations between the EU and the UK are at their lowest point in a long time, years, perhaps even months. Despite this and the seriousness of the British challenge ending this Monday, openly ignoring international treaties, Brussels’ response has been marked more by fatigue than by anger or outrage. The first came as a surprise when 27 more institutions discovered that the United Kingdom was not what they had always thought and feared. Nothing is surprising now, no matter how unimaginable it may have been just a few days ago.

the government of boris johnson presented its legislative plan this Monday Kill, with a stroke of the pen, Northern Ireland Protocol, the source that outlined endless meetings and negotiations between the two Irelands to avoid a difficult border and risk Good Friday agreements and guarantee security and supplies in the region after Brexit. The decision was British, as Theresa May and Johnson, hostages to the DUP, the Unionist Party, could not accept the other options that were always on the table.

The DUP feared that a settlement that would make Northern Ireland a unique and separate part of the United Kingdom would have irreparable consequences in the medium term, and they forced a hybrid, a legislative, supervisory and control monstrosity that was little expected. Was. It wasn’t the best option, and hardly a good option, but it was the only possible option. London has shown that it should not be trusted, which may completely breach the parts of the signed and seek all manner of tricks to delay the entry into force of it or its scope. But this time it has gone even further by taking advantage of the fact that the attention of Europe and the whole world is elsewhere.

Brussels will soon introduce more practical details that, according to Vice President Maros Sefkovic, “show that there are solutions to the issues that concern the residents and businesses of Northern Ireland.” And he has warned that the post-Brexit trade deal with London, negotiated in record time, is essentially tied to the withdrawal agreement and, therefore, to the Irish protocol. “Today we remember that The conclusion of the Withdrawal Agreement was a necessary condition for the Free Trade Agreement., What the United Kingdom has done is undermine trust in bilateral cooperation within the framework of that agreement. We call on the British government to work together to find a common solution,” he cautioned subtly.

After weeks of threats nothing unexpected has happened and the institutions were ready. They’ve actually been ready since October, when Johnson and his toughest crew were convinced they were going to kill protocol. even more since Elections that have led Irish nationalists to victorySpreading panic in the Unionist ranks and Downing Street.

“I spoke to Liz Truss this morning and she briefed me on the legislation to unilaterally waive the protocol. The EU has always paid utmost attention to the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland by providing practical solutions. Unilaterally Action is damaging to confidence. “A thread for mutuality and uncertainty,” lamented Monday Maros Sefkovic, vice president of communities and head of negotiations with London since the end of Brexit.

“I have spoken to Maros Sefkovic and we are on the same page. The EU is interested in finding a negotiated solution through a settlement, but we need a partner who is ready to meet us halfway! Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said he proceeded with unilateral action to break an international agreement.

“The EU will remain calm, we will remain united. There will be no renegotiation of the protocol”French deputy is guaranteed Nathalie Loiso, close to Macron and the head of the Eurochamber delegation that pursues these issues. He said, “Reputable governments do not violate international law. As responsible politicians, we should find solutions when problems arise, not invent problems when they are solutions.”

The week in Brussels is unique. There is little doubt about the impact of the British unilateral changes, but more about the response. The College of Commissioners usually meets on Wednesdays, and the initial response should come from there, but the President Ursula von der Leyen He is traveling and the meeting will be held on Friday. And response is expected.

“We note with great concern today’s decision by the UK Government to introduce legislation that fails to implement the basic elements of the protocol. Unilateral action is detrimental to mutual trust. The Commission will now assess the UK bill first.” As a step, the Commission will consider continuing the infringement proceedings initiated against the UK Government in March 2021. We suspended this legal action in September 2021 in the spirit of constructive cooperation to make room for joint solutions unilateral action by the UK goes directly against this sentiment,” Sefkovic added, adding that The commission does not rule out “new legal actions”,

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