European stock markets disappoint their rally and IBEX on the verge of losing 8,000 points as Fed waits


The Spanish selective led the decline in Europe with a 1.43% decrease which put it at 8,066 integers. Spanish risk premium up 136 basis points

European stock markets disappoint their rally and IBEX on the verge of losing 8,000 points as Fed waits
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European stock markets tried to hold their breath this Tuesday after the panic that plunged the region’s main indices on Monday, but the effort went into disarray and after a positive start to the session, they turned red and turned red. After the negative awakening of Wall Street.

meeting of US Federal Reserve The timing set for tomorrow has fueled fears that a hike in rates to control inflation will lead to an end to the slowdown in the economy and pessimism established among investors. wall Street A worrying example of this was presented on Monday, affecting all of its indices, and this Tuesday it extended the European close 0.4% in the case of the Dow Jones, 1.6% in the Nasdaq and 0.1% in the S&P. 500, which has entered bearish territory or bear market,

These aftershocks have also shortened the day in Europe. ibex 35 It ended with a fall of 1.43% which has placed it at 8,066, on the verge of losing the psychological barrier of 8,000; Frncfort’s DAX has dropped 0.91%; Milan’s Ftse Mib, 0.3%, and Paris’s CAC 40, 1.2%.

Globally, investors show a “lack of confidence” in companies, knowing that earnings warnings are still low despite very weak growth, even anticipating a recession in the coming months. has been,” said Edward Moya, from OANDA, in statements collected by AFP

In Spain, the biggest growth was led by CaixaBank (+1.48%) and Cie Automotive (+1.04%), while PharmaMar (-10%) and Cellnex Telecom (-7%) were in the opposite direction. .1%) and Solaria (-6.08%).

But bags are not the only source of stress that the market is experiencing these days. sovereign debt Europe has also bounced back after the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting last week and the pressure has once again raised fears of a risk premium in European countries. The Spanish indicator is up around 135 basis points, with the 10-year bond yield of 2.95%, accounting for 1.61%. dam German which is taken as reference. This level becomes almost double the premium marked at the beginning of the year.

Along with traditional assets, there is a second point of attention for investors. cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Another day deepens its downfall and drags the rest of the virtual currencies with it. The price of the most popular digital currency is down more than 2% this Tuesday and is below $23,000; In the case of EthereumThe drop turned over 3%, but that changed as the markets in Europe were closer and rose more than 1% to $1,220.

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