Europeans do not take funds: only 2.5% of what was planned for 2022 has been disbursed


IGAE found that as of March the administration has paid only 680 million of the 27,000 million planned for this year

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Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government, and Rasula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, after the extraordinary meeting of the European Council this Tuesdayjohn thiso

Although the first vice president, Nadia CalvioI promised”normal speed“In the deployment of European money Next Generation This year the truth is that only between January and March this year the executive has payment of 682.8 million euros, out of total 26.9 billion who are in the budget for the year.

According to the Budget Performance Statistics published by the General Intervention of the State Administration (IGAE) With the figures up to March 2022, the administration has distributed in have paid in the first quarter of the year only 2.5% of the total budget for the year. This is the amount that private companies, beneficiaries and above all, recipient public entities actually received in the first quarter.

Specific, 477.1 million The Euro is awarded by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agency – destined for the majority construction of social rental housing more efficient buildings 172 million Distributed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism – for change tourist model Towards sustainability with action plans in destinations, and 1.2 million have gone to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food – of which 10 are for Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund.

Other agencies that have received payments from the Next Generation Fund are Ministry of Health, Thief 6.6 million for digitization; Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, with 5.17 million – Majority for innovation and internationalization of FP, protect, with 5 million for the National Intelligence Center (CNI, Equality, 1.7 million Plan for ‘Spain protects you’ sexist violence‘ and economic affairs, 1.6 million, for modernization and digitization.

Although initially the budget amounted to 26,900 million euros, the executive has amended the budget and now the amount is €27.92 billion for the whole year. If the current rate of disbursements is maintained throughout the year, the amount of money put into the real economy at the end of the year will be 2,728 million euros, only 10% of the total.

Although the money that has reached the real economy is very less, the administration has authorized expenses of value 7,040.9 million Euro (a) to March 25,2% of the annual budget), is committed expenses of value 4,389 million Euro for specific projects (15,7% out of total) and recognized net liability By 1,315 million of euro, However, the quantum of payment is 682 million and IGAE itself acknowledges that completion percentage (Net Liabilities vs. Total Credits) It is only 4.7%.

lack of transparency

in 2021 The government had budgeted for the total appropriation from the next generation fund. 24,198 million eurosBut Paid in exercise They were only 11,000 million. This means that the distribution of 13,198 million remained pending.

However, the authorizations amounted to 22,128 million; 20,977 million commitments; and recognized liability, up to 20,044 million.

Despite the fact that 11,000 million were distributed, It is unknown how many made it to the imperial economy.Since this volume contains Transfer to other administrations (mainly autonomous communities). For this reason the effect of these funds on GDP (Start) it was “almost zero”, According to the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIREF,

The executive itself has admitted on more than one occasion that it cannot know in real time how autonomous communities spend their money or at what rates they bid and AIREFFor his part, has asked him many times Be more transparent with statistics.

,Transparency and coordination efforts are necessary Between all areas of public administration to make the necessary information accessible in the framework of communication from the European Commission on March 2, 2022. In particular, this information refers to Execution of Recovery Plan Funds According to national stability across the entire horizon of the sustainability programme, which is highly useful when assessing its impact”, recommended the Authority in its latest report.

In response to AIREF published this Tuesday, the Treasury argues that IGAEs comply with the obligation to budget performance figures. Article 135 of the General Budgetary Law To provide information on execution to the Cortes General, including information on the execution of the recovery plan by March 31, 2022.

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