Eurovision 2022: Chanel: “I will not change the lyrics of my song because the art cannot be censored”


The Spanish representative of Eurovision aspires to achieve the best results in the last 20 years with her Slomo

Chanel, Spain Representative
Chanel, Spain’s representative at Eurovisiongetty

Of the smiling and uncontrollable girl who appeared at the Benidorm Fest as Channel(Havana, 1991) Nothing has changed in the four months along the way Eurovis which ended today. Neither the humiliation nor the sudden fame after his controversial victory has changed the quake that lives inside him.

I am still the way I am when I was three years old, all I have done is learn from the circumstances. I’m still open as much, but now I have a door that closes when I think, However it is still made of glass and you can see what is inside. He’s Not Lying When He Says It’s Easy To See The Illusion Of Being One Eurovision. I represent Espaa in And the desire to take on the world, already devoted to it since coming to the turn.

In Benidorm you said that you only thought about winning Eurovision. Are there real alternatives?
There are always options and things look great, but you never know, for better or for worse. I always repeat myself because I am very heavy but the responsibility I take is to have a good staging and focus on the artistic. The rest don’t bother me.
But everything you see, even the polls. Do you feel pressure?
The word pressure doesn’t go with me, I don’t feel it, but I turn to a motor to say I’m on top, there’s a level of expectation and I can’t go down a millimeter. I can only work to climb.
Something like this had already happened to Rosa 20 years ago.
I don’t know how Rosa lived it, but I am living my moment with my team. I get a lot of support and I see people very excited. My heart softens when they tell me I have restored the illusion of many Eurofans. It’s not bad pressure, my victory will be something I have to be proud of.
A flamenco dress, a bullfighter, a fan… Whatever Chanel does, is there an appreciation for the Spanish?
sure why not? We wanted to collect some of the traditions of Spanish fashion and we have taken them to the shows, to the stage. We wanted to play with it.
Do you understand the criticism of those who say it is a praise for a stale Spain?
I was already wearing a bullfighter in Benidorm, don’t know why there is so much commotion now. I’m empathetic and I can understand who doesn’t like me, but I won’t allow them to label me or point to something I’m not. I’m wearing a look from Palomo Spain that I feel very comfortable dancing with, I feel gorgeous and I love the aesthetics. There is no more message than this.
Is there a tendency in Spain to self-sabotage when everything is going well?
In Spain we are passionate about good and bad. With the bad it’s been terrible, I didn’t know that much at the time. But the point is, we’re alike for good, I get a lot of affection. The problem is that we are so obsessed that we recognize artists only when they go abroad and succeed. We still need to start taking pride in what we have here and value it instead of criticizing it.
Now that time is over, do you have time to think about preparing for these four months?
I have very little time to stop, but in this last month in which I am interviewing, I have felt the things that have happened. I realized I was having a really bad time, crying from nightmares. But I am a very positive woman and I learn from everything. Of course, it is growing, and I hope that what I experienced will help us all learn.

What did you wear in those bad times?
Many things, but above all, personal attacks. They labeled me a sexist, I received racism and threats, and I don’t understand it. It even bothers me to control them because they are so heavy that it is difficult for me to absorb it to live. I am very proud of how I manage this.
Being of Cuban origin made the attacks more difficult? do you have that…?
Yes, 100% and note that I cut you off everything else. Had I not been of Cuban origin, there would not have been so many attacks.
There was a big debate regarding the lyrics of the song. If Equality Observatory had asked you to change it, would you do it?
In the end it’s not just the channel, it’s a team that I lead. If my team feels that it has to be done, it has to be done. But I also had a voice and a vote and if that had happened, I was going to express myself.
I understand that you did not agree with the change.
He did not agree as the art could not be censored, some levels were passed which belonged to a fiction film.
And from being anonymous in two days to being surrounded by madness everywhere, how are you?
I’m still working on it, but once on the roof I put a cap or hood on it so as not to attract attention. And look what I like to call her. But most of all, I have a hard time saying no, I’m eating at a restaurant with a spoon in my mouth, they ask me for a photo and I don’t know how to say no. I guess one gets used to everything.
Do you feel nervous in this situation?
If he didn’t have them, he would be a robot. As a premiere I have nervousness but they also want to go on stage to do it after a lot of preparation and my day will come.

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