Eurovision 2022: this is the definitive app of the festival


‘My Eurovision Scoreboard’ is available on iOS and Android and has already accumulated over 100,000 downloads

LA app 'My Eurovision Scoreboard'.
LA app ‘My Eurovision Scoreboard’.Twitter
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Eurovis It is already here and social networks have been flooded with everything related to the festival. In addition, all Eurofans now have a . download option application So that no detail of the show is missed.

is about’My Eurovision Scoreboard, It is available for iOS and Android and has accumulated over 100,000 downloads. There is a possibility to sync it with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify accounts.

Users can vote songs Eurovision 2022 And set your own ranking. This is an ad-free application, that’s why some of its option is paid,

Once You Pay All Qualified Exhibition of For this version, there will be no payment again for future versions.

If you want to get more functions, you have to buy complete package To get access to all available years of ‘My Eurovision Scoreboard’ (they are now since the 2007 edition).

Years unlocked through the full package and stays the same forever billbut added over the years application They are not automatically unlocked after your purchase and need to be purchased separately.

how does it work?

in ‘My Eurovision Scoreboard’The payments are linked to the same account with which the registration has been done. if it is made second account, you have to pay again. Their payment methods are through credit card or PayPal.

why is it necessary Create Account To use the app? Because without an account it would be impossible to save each program’s ratings, connect with other users, view the scores they gave or form sets,

If the app is removed and reinstalled, the data such as scores and groups will not be deleted as it pertains to the account registered and stored in the app. database,

to keep Saved gradesYou must vote online. The only way to completely remove all data is to delete the account app settings, Then there would be no way to retrieve all this information.

You can also follow a User name and see their ratings. You will not be notified of this action and you cannot see who each user is following.

according to the norms of

trust project

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