Everything you need to know before watching the new season of Stranger Things


Friday, May 27, Season 4 strange things, We’ve seen it and we’ll tell you why you won’t want to miss it.

Everything you need to know before watching the new season of Stranger Things
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The long wait is over. On 27 May, the first seven chapters are released. of the fourth season of strange things, One of the most successful series on Netflix. And note, because curves are coming

To begin with, the first thing that stands out in these new episodes is that strange thingsA series of action and youth adventures leads straight into a horror story with little humour. compared to other occasions. Something that will startle more than one onlooker who is not used to seeing frightening images.

But don’t worry, because that doesn’t mean the series has turned 180 degrees. Its nothing. Shot of nostalgia we see through clothing, music and vintage items Guaranteed Display shows that the majority of the adult public is hooked to the story of young actors, but it has many similarities with classic films of the 80s.

Shows boot or
Shows the origins of Boots XI (Millie Bobby Brown).

For those who no longer remember where the story ended, six months have passed since the terrible tragedy that occurred at Hawkins. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who remains anonymous for her safety, is no longer there but misses Mike (Finn Wolfhard)., So much so that he decides to meet her.

except, Joyce (Winona Ryder) surrounds Bascando a Jim (David Harbour), because she firmly believes that she is still alive after being captured by the Russians. And, as if that weren’t enough, there’s a Vecna. new threat posed by a person named, The most terrifying and powerful we have seen.

From left to right, Priya Ferguson, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin.
From left to right, Priya Ferguson, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin.

Those with brushstrokes, who watch this new batch of episodes, should know that the duration has been greatly extended. 75 minutes per chapter with an average of one episode, number 7, which lasts 98 minutes. The last two chapters of the season will come on July 1. and talking about one Duration of the last chapter more than two hours.

The reason for the happiness of the fans strange thingsA Series created by the Duffer brothers This has seen how the premiere got delayed due to the pandemic.

The Hawkins boys continue to uncover threats from the other side.
The Hawkins boys continue to uncover threats from the other side.

In a much-calculated promotional campaign, Netflix launched E. is allowedn YouTube first 8 minutes are available of this new season.

But don’t be deceived by anyone. Although the action in that trailer takes place in 1979, The rest of the story that we will see in the fourth season will take place in 1986., A time and a city (Hawkins) where everything is covered by the presence of Vecna. a new character named, As fans of the series know, this new threat comes from the other side and it seems that, with a powerless eleven, losing may be easier than winning.

Vecna ​​is the new threat in 'Stranger Things'.
Vecna ​​is the new threat in ‘Stranger Things’.

Not everything was going to be a fight against an evil entity though. The plot line of this new batch of episodes of strange things is The death of some young people who appear completely disfigured After being captured by Vecna, a chaotic situation prevails in the institute, leaving no one safe.

But there is much more. For example, he contempt of classmates of eleven Considering her a ‘weird girl’ (a whole message against .) Naughty), were drug use in a student environment and, as is logical, given the age, importance of love relationship between the main characters.

Jim (David Harbour) is
Jim (David Harbour) is in the hands of the Russians.

Three questions that, until now, were not given much in the series. And that is now evident in the great physical transformation of the young actors. Millie Bobby Brown She is no longer the girl no one knew but a global superstar And, in the case of Finn Vollhard, the great physical transformation is evident in each scene.

It remains to be seen if strange things Pursuance Expanding plots, secondary characters, and even locations In two new stories coming in July.

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