F1: Fernando Alonso accuses stewards of “incompetence”: “They weren’t very professional in Miami”


Alpine leaders charge against the decision that left him without two points at the Miami International Autodrome.

Alonso during the press conference in Montmale on Friday
Alonso, during the press conference in Montmel on Friday.AFP
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first appearance in front of the microphone of Fernando Alonso In Barcelona it was as strong as the color of his shirt. Far from the measured tone of previous promotional acts, the two-time world champion left a very clear message to the FIA ​​regarding his approval at the Miami GP. “It was something that cannot happen in F1,” he assured of the punishment that prevented him from scoring two points.

That decision by the steward at the Miami International Autodrome still haunts Asturian. “They made the decision without asking us for evidence. And when we took those tests after the race they were not even in a meeting, but already gathering,” Alonso elaborated, referring to the events of May 8. Told.

During the first turn of the press conference, with Valtteri Bottas, mick schumacher, Charles Leclerc You sergio prezzi, the Alpine leader described that decision as “very unfair”. He also spoke of the “inefficiency of stores”. “They weren’t very professional, because I dropped a corner and then returned the lap time,” he said.

“experience required”

that decision was confirmed niels witich, the race director of the first five rounds of the World Championship, who was not spared even Alonso’s criticism. “Becoming a director requires experience and knowledge about racing. And I don’t think that’s the case right now,” Oviedo’s person revealed. “I know there’s a new one here, with experience in the WEC and other top-level categories,” he concluded, referring to the figures of Eduardo FreitasWhich opens in office later this week.

In any case, after the dismissal of Michael MasikThe FIA ​​still does not see any solution to this matter. For now, Freitas will take over at Barcelona and Monaco, while Witich takes a break until Bach. One of the main tasks of the Portuguese is to focus on the prohibition that prevents pilots from competing. piercing, in miami, Lewis Hamilton He had a two-race exemption, so now in Monte Carlo he must sit in the car without his metal rims.

The seven-time champion, the hero of a complicated World Cup debut, deserved another juicy comment from Alonso. “He was dominating and breaking all records. Now he does a great lap, as he said in Australia, and he is a second behind. So, yes, welcome,” he said, referring to the Briton. Concluded with less than 23 points. George RussellHis partner at Mercedes.

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