F1: Ferrari gives in to Verstappen and Alonso reacts at Montmel


The Dutchman, the new leader of the World Cup after his fourth win of the course, coincided with Leclerc’s first retirement. Sainz, fourth and Alonso ninth, after starting from last place.

Checkered flag for Verstappen, l .  Feather
Checkered flag for Verstappen at the finish line in Montmel.AFP

In the same circuit where he won for the first time, when he was only 18 years old, Max Verstappen Ferrari has suffered a major setback. In Montmel, on an asphalt at around 50C, the defending champions took advantage of the misfortune Charles Leclerc, the victim of a breakdown, to close his fourth win of the course and first double for Red Bull. A sergio prezziThe author of Fast Lap, we must give him an exceptional merit. similar to George Russellwho took off the stage carlos sanzo, victim of some bulk errors. At least, overtaking against him on the last lap Lewis Hamilton left a good taste in the mouth of the Spanish fans, who also pulled off the brave comeback Fernando Alonso,

Sainz’s fourth place and Alonso’s ninth, who started last after an engine change, represent minimal retribution for so much encouragement from the stands. Instead, Verstappen’s resounding success has satisfied thousands of Dutch fans. and fulfills the ambition of Christian Horner, Boss of Red Bull. Its driver is the new leader of the world championship, with a six-point advantage over the unfortunate Leclerc.

There was a reward for Verstappen’s patience, the president’s priceless work and the steady hand of Alonso, who took five places on the first lap alone. There were cheers for Russell and divided opinion for Hamilton, who was warned by the stewards for his repeated track boundary violations. Looking for fourth place after Sainz, a mechanical setback deprived Mercedes of its definitive resurgence.

wind and top

In any case, no disaster like Ferrari. Not just because of Leclerc’s break, but because Sainz’s good intentions from the start were dashed. Without traction or feeling with a clutch, he saw Russell and Prez pass to his right, which he carried forward in about 2 turns. Seeing the situation, Hamilton also wanted to exit, though his spirit was dampened by his carelessness. Kevin Magnussen, The punter overtook the seven-time champion while his garage partner fought with the best.

And it is that from the very beginning there were legitimate podium options for Mercedes, given the features Sainz offered. on the seventh lap, while the main grandstand vibrates with Alonso’s interior before Sebastian Vettel, Madrid visited the gravel. Right in that area, the Repsol curve, the Verstappen top, to lampoon some orange-tinted stands. As much as he blamed the gusts of wind, the real problem of the champion was yet to be revealed.

Barely nine rounds were completed and the victory looked like a fantasy crazy max, driven unaffected by Russell’s slipstream and victim of his DRS malfunction. Even as Red Bull tried to take the lead in the pit lane, the British did not lose places. If any courageous person doubted his talent, he responded bravely. And that was the best maneuver of the afternoon. On lap 24, when Verstappen charged like a man at the end of the straight, Russell simply said no.

Precision at Red Bull

Without intention, Mercedes played with Leclerc, who had a 27-second gap when he carried out the relevant change of tyres, which was resolved in a moment (2.2 seconds) by Ferrari. At that time one-third of the race has been completed and no one would have done such a drama. However, on lap 27, a breakdown trapped the leader. And no words in my ear Mattia Binotto He served as an impetus for Leclerc.

Immediately, this good news seemed to rain down on the president, who bravely broke up with Russell to gain an edge over the testimonial. Of course, such a privilege corresponds to Verstappen, who will no longer be able to find constraints until the checkered flag. His relay with the Pirelli soft compound was enough to show his undeniable superiority over the rest. And a 2.4-second stop from Red Bull’s act and grace almost finished the job. Returning to the asphalt, he had enough meters against Russell.

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