F1: Ferrari, in a spiral of fear: two deadly months of errors and breakdowns


Since the Australian GP, ​​’Scuderia’ has added 129 points less than Red Bull and its engine shows serious reliability problems.

Leclerc, Azerbaijani GP .  With SF-75 on the grid of
Leclerc, with SF-75, on the grid at Azerbaijan GP.AFP

A red tarpaulin still covered the car. Charles Leclerc Monegasque tried to compose himself in front of a microphone at the Parc Fermé in Bach. For the third race in a row, Ferrari had let go of a valuable opportunity and Leclerc’s body language did not match the calm tone of his words. “Obviously I don’t have the full picture of what happened today, but on a personal level, it hurts again,” admitted the driver, barely holding his temper. 34 points against Max Verstappen That’s more than double the margin of 17 they already have George Russell,

Since the Australian GP, ​​when Leclerc took his last win of the year, Ferrari has entered a negative spiral of consequences and sensations, while Red Bull has been, step by step, consolidating its new project. It’s not just about scoring 95 points (compared to 224 for the Austrian team), but about performance losses and mistakes on the asphalt. And this double retirement, for the first time since the 2020 Italian GP, ​​adds another element of concern.

“We are concerned about reliability, it is an important factor,” he acknowledged. Mattia Binottohead of scuderia, after Leclerc broke on the twentieth lap. “Last year we took a big step forward with the hybrid system and during this winter we focused on the combustion engine. Now it looks like it’s taking a toll on us,” said the Italian, who will have to squeeze in the next few hours Searching for a temporary solution.

665 km less than Red Bull

And it is that on Friday, the SF75 will have to restart in the first free session of the Canadian GP. This temporary rush, added to the freezing of engines by 2025, makes miracles impossible. “We will try to manage whatever happens, but we won’t be able to fix the structural problems,” Binotto acknowledged. At the moment, the first permission requested from the FIA ​​to work on credibility does not appear to be working in Maranello.

going around as calculated paddock, the Ferrari power unit will be the most powerful on the grid, developing 5.4 hp more than the Honda and 10.8 hp more than the Mercedes. However, this advantage is hit by recurrent breakdown, which removes scuderia Last in the ranking of kilometers completed (3,334), 665 less than Red Bull and 787 less than Mercedes.

“It’s been difficult to get some positive inertia, because I can’t connect the two races without doing anything,” he admitted. carlos sanzo, whose SF-75 had not yet completed its first watch of an hour at Bach, was then stuck. “I need more laps,” said the man from Madrid, whose lack of connection to his car made some errors.

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Considering the seriousness of this problem, we should add to the schedule which has been fixed for this Sunday. and that just before the first virtual security carLeclerc had already lost about 2.5 seconds sergio prezzi, while barely protesting the position against Verstappen. Sainz, for his part, was the only one in the major four not able to go below 1:49 in those first nine laps. “I wanted to take care of the tires to last longer,” the Madrid man claimed.

Logically, Red Bull was not going to miss its chance to throw petrol on fire. “He stopped Leclerc too early and I think the relay would have been too long with the hard tyres,” he said. Christian Horner, head of the Austrian team. To this forecast, Verstappen added another spooky touch. “We had incredible pace and I think I could have closed the gap too if Leclerc had continued in the race,” slipped the defending champion.

“This is the third consecutive disappointment and it is not easy to accept,” concluded Leclerc, perhaps recalling the 46-point advantage with which he left Melbourne. Leclerc’s road to his first World Cup looks increasingly rocky. And he accuses himself of wearing it. It didn’t hurt to wear clothes three weeks earlier, after the engine broke down in Barcelona, ​​Monegasque encouraged his mechanics and engineers one by one. Seven days later, a wrong strategy ruined his options at the home Grand Prix, leaving him in a bad mood. This Sunday, quite simply, he was doing a lot with biting his tongue.

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