F1: Hecatomb at Ferrari and another double for Red Bull


Verstappen and Prez demonstrated the superiority of the RB-18 over Bach, where Leclerc and Sanz departed due to a broken engine and hydraulic problems. Russell’s podium and Alonso’s tenth place in a race without history.

Verstappen with RB-18 on the streets of Buckeye on Sunday
Verstappen on the streets of Buck with the RB-18 on Sunday.AFP
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After so much talk about a crazy race in which no one could ever feel safe from disaster, Red Bull kicked off its quietest Sunday of the year at the Bucks. third double Max Verstappen You sergio prezzi coincides with the devastation of Ferrari, who lost along the way Charles Leclerc You carlos sanzo, The engine breakdown in the case of Monegasque, and the hydraulic failure of the Madrid driver, represents the first double zero for a common clown with which almost everything is usually explained. scuderia Since the 2021 French GP. With no trouble, almost a walk, Verstappen took his fifth win in 2022, while his squire held the bonus for the fastest lap.

Checkered flag seen 45 seconds from winner George RussellThe leader Mercedes needs because of the lethargy Lewis Hamilton, Not being there, the fight for the podium was not even tense, as the Silver Arrows were barely trodden by AlphaTauri, who lost the team’s rear wing along the way. Yuki Tsunoda, With so many setbacks ahead, Fernando Alonso took advantage of the situation to repeat another seventh, their top of the year.

This is the weekly tunic for the two-time champion, who put everything in his hand to follow Sebastian Vettel and still had to contain the last efforts of Daniel Ricciardo, There was no more power to reach Tsunoda, nor Stephen Ocon Slows down the speed of his pursuers for so many revolutions. They can still feel satisfied with the Frenchman’s talk in the Alpine, which is not the last thing Verstappen reiterates.

Lost field in the first corner

Red Bull’s sovereignty was hurting even more when it coincided with Ferrari drama. Is set in ruins from Imola scuderia, 80 points less than Red Bull at the Constructors’ World Championship today. In these five races, Leclerc has fallen from the championship lead to third, 12 points behind Priez. Within a week, Leclerc would have to assemble a new power unit for Canada, with an even more deadly addition: If the turbo is to be replaced, it will be penalized 10 positions on the grid.

Charles’s good intentions at Beck were lost in the 300 metres, which separated the start and the first corner. Preez easily overtook Monegasque, who still blocked the wheels so as not to score a straight. Even the most unconditional understood that Red Bull’s speed on the Four Straits was unattainable to Ferrari. And that brand new red rear spoiler wasn’t enough for Sainz to follow in Verstappen’s wake. Reality turned forecasts worse for the second free season, with a favorable tenth per lap for Red Bull.

Only nine laps had elapsed when something went wrong with Sainz’s SF-75, which had to take refuge in the turn 4 run-off. The third retirement in eight races for Madrid opens up a window of opportunity at least for Leclerc, who will mount tough tyres. A risky bet with which he tried to hit the target thanks to a single pit stop. However, an error in pit stop Already slowed down the process for 5.4 seconds.

Zhou and Magnussen break up

With the road open, Red Bull only had to clean out its chicken coop and persuade the president with kind words to give Verstappen the edge. This process was formalized on lap 15 at the end of the straight. “No fight,” he warned over the radio before putting the Mexican in the garage to figure out Ferrari’s strategy. Parry was bad, but enough to keep the position with Russell. Neither mechanics was going to spin fine with Verstappen, though that didn’t matter.

Because on the twentieth lap a thick cloud of smoke made the racing team sad. Mattia Binotto, If three weeks ago, in Montmel, it was Turbo and MGU-H, the fault was combustion engine related. Two months have passed since Leclerc’s last win, unable to capitalize on his three poles, To add further uncertainties to the Ferrari engine, just a few minutes later guanyue zhou (Alfa Romeo) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas) break other propellants provided from Maranello.

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