F1: Leclerc does wonders with ‘pole’ and Alonso hits Q1. flies in


Monegasque was able to close a fine lap (1:18.750) a minute after his mistake in the ‘chicken’, ahead of Verstappen and Sainz.

Leclerc, after marking 'pole', s
Leclerc, after marking the ‘pole’ in Montmel on Saturday.EFE

on the way down Fake aligationMost favorable area for Ferrari, Charles Leclerc He slammed onto a curb, missing his first shot, exposing himself to a limit position. Without a time trial to its credit, Monegasque faced a major dilemma. close your teeth for Pole Or put away the furniture thinking about the fight for the World Cup Max Verstappen, Anyone who authored a prodigious lap in Montmel (1:18.750) would hesitate, but not one, who is three tenths better than the defending champion, and four ahead. carlos sanzo, Not even at home Madrid can contain a great dominance of his garage partner, Saturday.

Even Sainz Sr. had to bow down to the evidence, giving Leclerc the badge of his fourth Pole In six races. And his offspring had enough to live with Verstappen, who warned of a loss of power when he launched his last attack. Red Bull’s top speed was not going to be enough this time. Because the SF-75’s balance in slow areas and the aggressiveness of a pilot with choppy nerves like steel, assume a necessary advantage.

The immediate challenge for Ferrari will be to keep its tires from eroding and not lose Verstappen off the radar, who showed great pace in the long runs on Friday. To battle for the podium, Sainz and . in between sergio prezzishould be added George Russell, behind the wheel of a Mercedes that is starting to show signs of improvement. The British, fourth on the grid, with 12 hundredths of an advantage Lewis Hamilton, now that they can keep that monstrous Porpoizing There’s reason for hope in the garage of toto wolf,

Q3. in two haas

as much as the restlessness in the alpine, or even more, who saw Fernando Alonso Up to the outrageous seventeenth stage. Nothing could have saved the first quarter for the French team, unable to find a solution at the crucial moments, when the asphalt conditions had rapidly improved. was the first to record mick schumacher, filing about four tenths of the time of the alpine. followed their example Daniel Ricciardo You Yuki Tsunoda, while Alonso saw his last attempt aborted with new tyres. In that first sector, before noon, the hope of a whole hobby battling with the heat was extinguished.

clarification may be sought Otmar Szafnauerfor his decision to throw Alonso in the middle of traffic or to keep Alonso Stephen Ocon In the garage, exposed to the onslaught of your rivals. Although I saved the ballot from the first 74 thousandths Sebastian Vettel, in Q2 nothing could resist the French. Two tenths of a loser speaks very badly of the A522’s progress compared to the previous Haas, it is even slower than that of Alfa Romeo. Valtteri Bottas, It’s not about the underperformance of the rear wing this weekend, but something bigger. Alpine requires a thorough test of conscience.

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