F1: Sergio Priez enters the Ferrari party at Monte Carlo and upsets Carlos Sainz


The Mexican took his third victory in a race marked by rain in Monte Carlo and where the ‘scuderia’ pit strategy condemned Leclerc. Carlos fought for the win until the last lap and Alonso finished seventh.

Sergio P.
Sergio Praz after winning the Monaco GP.Christian BrunaAP
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His hands clenched with tension and his jaw still rigid, he descended for the third and final time. carlos sanzo His Ferrari. Sands in the Monte Carlo clock ended after a surprise three hours on the Cote d’Azur, rendering their crusade in vain, leading to their tenth podium finish. sergio prezzi, riding his Red Bull, broke into a party that seemed designed for Ferrari. and, in particular, to Charles Leclerc, who shouted loudly and quietly at his anger with the Italian square (he finished fourth). Nor did he remove his helmet when he reached the finish line. From the chaos caused by the rain, and that quick play in the pits, the Mexican broke through, securing the third win of his career. Sainj was left with Chahat, who showed courage, but he lacked luck. least Max VerstappenImprinted in his rearview mirror, and headed to the World Cup, failed to scare him. Fernando Alonso He finished seventh, his best position of the season.

Since the devoted masses of Monte Carlo were in no hurry, everything that was happening, to the extent of its Sundays, felt wonderful. I was there too Zinedine Zidane, who watched Madrid’s 14th European Cup live the night before at the Stade de France in Paris. Another very different thing is what they thought there was, down the track, 20 drivers on the grid, who got in and disembarked from the car in opposite conditions. They, with their arms crossed in the garage, were waiting for the decisions. Some (many) could not understand why the race was not restarted. Formula 1 does not want to risk today.

Because at around 3:00 in the afternoon the sky of Monaco was shattered. Rain was expected, yes, but it will probably not rain. The rain irrigated the glorious corner of the Cote d’Azur where he was born and raised Charles Leclerc, On that first lap after the safety car, before rain halted the race for almost an hour, he never imagined that things would turn (and twist) for him to the point of yelling at his team on the radio. Luck always prevails and the Monegasque pilot, who is yet to become a prophet in his country, suffered a whole series of misfortunes, which he had no choice but to digest in the heat of his anger. His curse at home finds no solace.

The race resumed after 4:00 pm safety car, Some cars danced on the asphalt of that city, which hides a double edge. Leclerc, who seemed destined to make a good pole second in a row at Monte Carlo, was carried away by the demons when Ferrari called him into the garage after two laps (21) of putting on the intermediate tire. Carlos Sainz, patient, and ignoring his team’s strategic mantras, opted for tough and the scuderia I also fell back with Leclerc, who exploded in his cockpit. At times, it seemed like the move would elevate Sainz, but it turned out to be a fatal trap for Ferrari, who would give Sergio Priez the victory, ambushed in the brush of drivers where everyone was stunned by his teammate Verstappen. , watched the leader of the championship. , A double handicap in that play by the Spanish, which looked like a master.

Mick Schumacher accident

The Mexican persevered in search of the third win of his career. This was, without a doubt, most notable, on the same asphalt where he had one of the biggest fears of his life, in his first season in Formula 1 (2011) with Sauber. Despite Sainz’s desperate attempts to lay his hands on it, he adjusted his hard tires in time. The tire temperature difference did not frighten him. nor the horrific accident mick schumacher, on lap 27, which broke his Haas in two at the height of the pool. son of keseroThe condition of his car, already safe, seemed amazed and unbelievable. Three laps later, a new red flag once again removed the drivers from their cars.

Mick Schumacher's car split in two.
Mick Schumacher’s car split in two.Christian Bruna / PoolEFE

With so many and so many interruptions, the Grand Prix couldn’t complete 77 laps and stayed on 64. From that first rain the clock turned against him. He also did it against Sainz, who was again at the door of victory, just like a year earlier, when Verstappen blocked the gates of heaven. this time it was Czech PresidentThe one he’s known for so many years, which alienated him from his first victory. Carlos fumigated the rearview mirror at pointy fangs and Verstappen’s threat. The Mexican’s suffering with the tires at the border led to a catharsis for Red Bull. And, in good summer for Leclerc, too.

oblivious to all these battles he was Fernando Alonso who, however, finished his best race of the season, finishing in seventh place, from where he started on the grid. His Alpine never got its hands on a McLaren norrisBut neither was it threatened Mercedes hamilton, It was the synopsis of an eternal three-hour afternoon at Monte Carlo Amusement Park.

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