F1: The toll of ‘porpoising’: “Do we have to risk our necks and backs?”


Following his complaints against the FIA ​​for his accident in Miami, Sainz reopened the debate over the price to be paid for the violent rattle of the cars.

Sainz at the Ferrari Motorhome in Montmelo on Thursday.
Sainz at the Ferrari Motorhome in Montmelo on Thursday.AFP
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The ugly blow against the wall in Miami that caused a constriction in his neck has removed more than he thought carlos sanzo, During the past few days, the Ferrari driver has intensified his physical preparations to get into full condition for the Spanish GP, where more than 100,000 fans will try to lead him to his first win in Formula 1. “I hope to be fine, although you never know how your body will react when you get into one of these cars”, predicted the Madrid man from Montemelo.

memory of Fake aligation from miami – where Stephen Ocon He suffered another violent impact against the concrete, estimated at 51G – this is still driving Sainz. And it is that it was he who, on Friday night, transferred a detailed report to the FIA, without finding a response to the match. Carlos explained during their meeting on Friday, “It was at low speed and it shouldn’t have hurt me that much. Most of all, compared to other accidents that I’ve had to go through throughout my career. So I took them along that curve.” told to do something.” with press.

lack of reflexes of the organism headed by Mohamed Ben Sulayem, which didn’t replace concrete with TecPro barriers, a material that absorbs impacts more easily, seems to have bothered Sainz. “We need an explanation and to know why Esteban was not better protected,” emphasized the pilot. scuderia, However, this anger appears to be merely the anticipation of a deeper concern.

Sainz in Barcelona has spoken candidly about the physical toll it will take in this new F1 plagued by rattles. yes a month ago George Russell had already complained of severe back pain in Imola, because the famous Porpoizing, the pits in Miami put an end to Carlos’ patience. “Do we have to risk our necks and backs like we have been doing with these cars lately? Perhaps F1 needs to rethink the extent to which the driver will have to pay in terms of their health ,” argued the former McLaren driver.

Since his 2015 World Cup debut, one of Sainz’s biggest concerns has been taking care of his body. However, these worrying perspectives open new questions. “I don’t need an expert to know that if I continue at this pace for 10 years it will be tough and I will need to work a lot on mobility and flexibility.”

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