F1: Verstappen intimidates Ferrari, but Sainz takes podium of great courage


The champion clearly overtakes Leclerc, while the Madrilaneian endures the president’s attacks. Ninth for Alonso behind Ocon.

Verstappen ahead of Leclerc on Sunday in Miami.
Verstappen ahead of Leclerc on Sunday in Miami.AFP

In Miami, an area considered favorable for Red Bull, Max Verstappen another blow deal to Charles Leclerc, unable to catch the world champion, or to push him to the limit when his opponent is dehydrated. In the fifth race of the World Championship, Ferrari’s superiority disappeared again crazy max, who was already leading on the ninth lap, despite starting third. With these bad omen, scuderia could at least celebrate the arrest of carlos sanzowho climbed the podium after a frantic pulse sergio prezzi, No one seemed to pay a penny for his chance against Red Bull with fresh tyres, but the Madrid man took the plunge.

In a bizarre podium ceremony, Sainz graciously raised his trophy as Red Bull clenched his fist in honor of a weary Verstappen. His car held on for three races, the Dutchman crossing the finish line first and his 19-point deficit now seems like a mere formality. Because on this groundbreaking track, the RB18 showed yet another remarkable improvement. Against Leclerc’s final effort, it’s enough for a winner, with no apparent effort. And for Preez to demand an outright effort from Sainz, which Mattia responds as Binotto expects from him.

After a very sluggish hour, only a . excited by the presence of safety carFans vibrated with their pulse on the third step of the podium. And Fernando Alonso, at least, crossed the finish line ninth, pending an investigation to gain an advantage after leaving the track. It came to nothing, as Alpine requested a time of five seconds for Esteban Ocon against the Spaniard. Eighth place after the final start was too sweet for the Frenchman.

Alonso had enjoyed the start, taking risks and scratching three positions. In front of Lance Stroll, who should have started pit lane Due to the fuel temperature discrepancy, the climb was somewhat easy. Though he ran into the left rear wheel too soon Lewis Hamilton,

Carlos’s first duty is to keep Red Bull behind him, with the ambition of someone who knows his potential. And although Verstappen won the game in the first corner, it is better to point to the champion’s skill than the Spanish’s weakness. There was still a lot of work left for Sainz from third place, very regular and competitive, denying any mischief sergio prezzi,

Because the RB18 had a lot of momentum, as Verstappen soon revealed. With excellent rest, on the ninth lap he got rid of Leclerc, who was already suffering from his tyres. As the engineers predicted, the fall would be a determining factor.

Alpine, who has been suffocating this management, went with Alonso too soon, tried cut off east Pierre Gasly, It was lap 15 and the impotence experienced after AlphaTauri’s spoiler was multiplied by the inexperience of its mechanics: 5.7 seconds pit stop, As with Sainz (5.4) it was equally bad because of a jam in the right front wheel of the Ferrari. Carlos did not regret further adversities as the president lost his way due to sporadic loss of power.

Once the equator was crossed, when the strategists saw clouds indicating rain, the race finally went into combustion. The one who flicked the switch, much to his dismay, was lando norriswhose ostentatious hookup was about to happen on a straight with Gasly was supposed to lead to the appearance of safety car, music in the ears of George Russell You Stephen OconThat they still protest without going through the boxes, but bad sign for Sainz, who will have to reinvent the press with new tires.

Perhaps the accident was due to the fault of Gasly, surprised by McLaren as he was speaking on the radio. Or to damage his car, Alonso hit a lap earlier. Once the incident was recorded, the stewards decided on five seconds for the Spanish. With the platoons so close together, it was a dreadful servitude to serve this punishment. Ocon, with the soft tyres, he just had to manage his handicap. And he will still be ahead of the finish line.

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