Facebook To Expand Internet.org to 100 Countries – here is the reason Why..

Facebook’s initiative to provide free internet via Internet.org was announced in August 2013. This program is intended to offer free web access to of remote areas. It gives users access to basic sites such as Wikipedia, job and health and Facebook.

Chris Daniels, VP of Internet.org at Facebook said in a statement –
“The ambitious goal this year is to roll it out to 100 countries. We don’t want to focus so much on the number, but we want this to spread to additional countries, operator groups and see more people coming online, buying data and voice and SMS bundles. The number is indicative of our ambitious goal.”

“The goal of this project is to bring connective to entire world.” said Daniels.

Presently, Internet.org connects 7 million people of six nations : Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Colombia and India. Facebook plans to expand Internet.org to provide free internet to 100 countries by the end of 2015. This project works as a demo to show people the power of Internet, and then they would likely opt for premium data plans .

And Zuckerberg’s idea to provide free internet really worked. According to reports, countries that offered free internet via internet.org app have seen a 40% jump in new data customers for local operators. Facebook is associated with the government of each country to provide this app to selected countries.

At Mobile World Congress 2015, Zuckerberg said that the company is working on building drones, lasers and satellites as a part of an initiative to the two-thirds of the world not online. And according to Facebook, more than 90% of the global offline population lives in developing countries.

I think this is a very good initiative by Facebook, providing free internet to countries will let people know the power of internet and also how can they use it for their own profit and many more things. As we all are aware that how internet has changed our life.

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