Facing the ravages of spring asthenia, myth or reality?


With an increase in sunlight hours and a rise in temperature, our internal clock tries to adapt to the new situation. Fatigue, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite and even anxiety are symptoms of this time.

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Primavera, that season is associated with increased temperatures and hours of sunshine, flowers, pollen and allergy sufferers, happiness … energy. In such cases it is common to talk spring astheniaAnd supposed diagnosis Which is being heard more and more for a few years and whose treatment seems to be full of vitamin supplements and all kinds of things. but Medical science does not have it all by itself.

What is Spring Asthenia?

In recent years, the term has become popular, including different symptoms which appears in this season. Most patients refer Fatigue, daytime sleepiness, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, anxiety, headache, lack of energy and even low sexual desire,

Is this a disease?

From a medical point of view, oral fractures do not exist as such. It cannot be officially diagnosed because it has no clinical entity.And most of the medical community treats it more as a subjective sensation caused by changes in rhythm specific to this time of year.

How many people does it affect?

Since it is not an actual medical diagnosis, it is difficult to know precisely. but various population surveysmade in small samples of less than a thousand people, ensure that approximately 40% of Spaniards Spring may suffer from asthenia.

What is the reason?

The answer lies in a science called . is called chronology, This discipline studies the rhythmic changes that all living beings experience with the change of seasons and with the passing of the hours of the day, i.e., study our internal clock,

in Primavera are produced Change of vital brightness, they increase sun hours, and all living beings have to adapt to these changes. such as trees or plants.

Is this due to hormonal changes?

We could say yes. in all that The adaptation process will involve many glands that secrete hormones and which affect our internal clock., For example, we would secrete less melatonin due to this increase in daylight hours, as well as less serotonin and norepinephrine. those little ones hormonal changes Our body does them in a completely natural way, and some people can understand their effects and others cannot.

I have spring asthenia, how do I treat it?

as a general ruleor symptoms need to be treated in a specific way, rarely resorting to drugs. Symptoms are temporary and will disappear in weeks, when Our body adapts to the new season, Only if it doesn’t, symptoms don’t subside and these sensations are part of a more complex context, should we go to a specialist.

Are Vitamin Supplements Recommended?

If we believe that we may have spring asthenia and we think that we are going to solve it by resorting to pills containing many vitamins and minerals, were wrong, Those who take them in the spring will see how they feel as the weeks go by, but it would have been the same if they didn’t take them,

A A varied and balanced diet, with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, vegetables… it is much more recommended than any pharmacy vitamin supplement.

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