Farah Khan: It’s Impossible to unite 3 Big Khans of Bollywood, this is what happened

While the whole Bollywood is still waiting to see the Big Khans together on a screen, Farah Khan, a choreographer turned Director gave justification to this rumor. Why did she justify that getting all khans of Bollywood together is impossible? To know it keep reading..

Farah Khan: It’s Impossible to unite 3 Big Khans of Bollywood

Farah Khan who is very close friend to all Khans of Bollywood, had given up trying to unite the Bollywood 3 khans together. In a recent interview, Farah Khan revealed this and also explained it with an incident. While shooting for the title track of Om Shanti Om, Farah Khan made an attempt to bring the khans of Bollywood together for the song, but she failed. She gave a statement saying that, Even God can’t bring these 3 together.

Well, At the end of the interview, Farah revealed that she is still waiting for that miracle to happen. We do believe in miracles, don’t we ? and it happened too. Recently Rajat Sharma, the host of “Aap ki Adalat” 21 years Celebrations, had successfully united the 3 Khans of Bollywood together. It was a feast to all fans and also cine-goers of Bollywood. Since it was just an award function, people were entertained, but from the looks of it Bollywood audience are expecting a film which stars all Bollywood Khans, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. Lets hope this reunion occurs as early as possible.

Watch 3 Khans Dance at Aaj Ki Adalat Celebrations

Well the Khans will keep on entertaining us. Let’s hope that these 3 Big Guys come together at the earliest. We share a lot more interesting articles on Bollywood. Stay connected and enjoy the latest news.

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