Farewell to Azovstal photographer: “It’s over. Thank you from the place of my death”


Dimitro Kozatsky, known as Orest, after almost three months of resistance, says goodbye from the Mariupol sidewalk with two tweets: “That’s it, Azovstal is the place of my death and my life”

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Orest, photographer and soldier of the Azov battalion.@Kozatsky_D
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less than 24 hours have passed Dimitro KozatskyAzov Battalion photographer nicknamed Orest wrote his farewell on Twitter after leaving the Azovstal pavement after three months of resistance: “It’s done. Azovsta hut. thanks for everything from, The place of my death, and of my life.

While Zelensky’s order comes to lay down arms And end the resistance of the soldier-photographer Mariupol Dimitro Kozatskywho is nicknamed “Eyes of Azovstal”Stands outside the dark underground sidewalk.

Kozatskiy’s words, shared by thousands of users. In the past, photographers have published images that testify to their proximity to extreme right-wing circles, one of which is of a pizza with a swastika. For the past three months, they have documented the resistance of the Azov battalion in the most heavily bombed tunnels Ukraine,

This time under his farewell post he writes: “By the way, as long as I’m in jail, I leave my photos in high quality , Send them to all journalism awards and photo contests. If I win something after the start it would be great. Thanks to everyone for your support. I’ll see you again Next to these words, a link to his disc where everyone can download the images.

What is surprising – besides the fact that Azovstal still has such an Internet connection Powerful – Kozatsky’s gesture to leave behind his most prized possession, his photographs.

On 15 May Orest posted a video in which he sang the song Kalush Orchestra., Eurovision winner in turn.

That happened just a few days before the Russians were taken prisoner.

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