Feijo accused Sanchez of being a “caricature” of a president who “severely harms” Spain by being “blackmailed” by his pro-independence allies

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PP leader Alberto Nez Feijo at a press conference.axon rayEFE

The leader of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, has warned that, with the government sacking the director of the CNI, Pedro Sánchez has turned “a political problem with his allies” into a “state crisis” and that it has deepened. In a “drift” that drags and weakens institutions. “We are seeing and directly accusing the government of self-immolation which is seriously harming Spain,” he sentenced.

For Feijo, Sánchez is a “distracted” president today, “overcoming events”, “stuck in his own contradictions” and “blackmailed once again” by his pro-independence partners. In short, he is the “caricature of the President of Government” that we Spaniards “do not deserve” and he is the head of the “worst government in a democracy”.

In an appearance at the PP Headquarters in Santiago de Compostela, he condemned that the Director of the CNI had been dismissed “without a single explanation” and that his dismissal was subsequently reported to be “shameful and shameful” by those involved. who knew he was “humiliating” the institutions it represented. For Feijo, the rationale lies not in the actions taken by Paz Esteban in office, but rather that the president has “surrendered” some “unsatisfied” pro-independence partners. “He has chosen the path that guarantees him more time in Moncloa, no matter how much we may have to pay for it.”

The leader of the PP outlines the number of aspects that continue “without knowing” Pegasus CaseLike what information was spied on and stolen from Sanchez’s cell phone. And if that information “compromises” the prime minister’s “action”, the “independence of the government” or “the security of the state”. “We continue without any explanation,” he criticized.

Very similar to Pegasus’ derivation about spying on Catalan libertarians. He has asked “who ordered the wiretap”, “the reason” and asked to know whether Sanchez was aware that CNI had “followed the instructions” of the executive.

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