Feijo accuses Marlaska of his veto of tribute to police: “He doesn’t have a pass”.


The PP’s chairman believes that, “if it is confirmed” that he prevented King from joining the act at the end of the ETA, “he” cannot continue as minister.

Albert N.
Alberto Nez Feijo in the Senate, where he holds his position.Javier Barabancho
  • interior Royal House could not preside over tribute to the policemen who defeated ETA as Marlaska did not give plcet
  • Security Government stopped paying a huge tribute to police and civil guards who defeated ETA

“I come to the Senate with the hope of contributing to the country as a whole and serving Spanish institutions.” Alberto Nez Feijo has seized his seat in the Upper House with the clear aim of facing Pedro Sanchez face-to-face this Wednesday. “We are opposed to Sanchiism”, he summarized at the second formal press conference. madrid Since he presides over PP.

The Leader of the Opposition has harshly accused Pedro Sánchez of “erosion of institutions”, which, in his opinion, he is doing exclusively Catalonia, “I am sorry that the present government no longer defends the state and has decided to defame a good part of the institutions in return for staying. moncloa, We have seen it in clemency and we have seen it”, he said, in a law agreed by PSC, JX CAT and ERC after sentencing. Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia which requires 25% of the teaching hours in that community to be given in Spanish.

For Feijo, the PSC is guilty of “violating a decision of the TSJC by failing to comply with the co-official nature of the languages ​​in Catalonia.” “If punishment is not given, we are not in a position of law”, he said.

As for Senator Feijo, “the problem is that the law is not followed in many Catalan schools.” “To be able to speak both languages ​​is a revocation of individual rights. We are very surprised by this position of the PSC. I believe that most PSOE voters reject this agreement to be able to afford something. La Moncloa In more months,” he said.

In fact, Feijo believes that “25% is the minimum. I am in favor of a balance of amicable bilingualism; in Galicia it is 50%”. “The Constitution It cannot be a small dribbling tool and must not be an element that can be cut to the taste of the consumer.”

“PSOE has mutated”

asked for information World In connection with the veto of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, in the presence of the king to pay tribute to the policemen and civil guards who abolished the ETA, Feijo replied that “they do not have to”. “The interior minister does not like to see and recognize what has happened in Spain at the worst of democracy”, he underlined.

He said, “Victims deserve more respect than what this government has taken. If it is confirmed, he doesn’t have a pass. He doesn’t have a pass that we can’t give comfort to the victims.” ” “No minister can be responsible for that veto, and if it is ratified, the minister escapes his own history as a judge of the National Court,” he concurred.

Regarding cooling off talks with the government, advanced by this newspaper today, Feijo has assured that he is “surprised” that the government wants to “speak with a party of thugs”, with regard to the adjective Sanchez pp. From the Tribune of Congress used against. “In the event that the interests of the government coincide with those of the Spanish, we will talk. We had coincidences with the PSOE, but the PSOE has mutated,” Feijo elaborated. Given the “situation” of the government and the “nonsense of ‘mug’ nonsense, we will continue after 19-J” talks with the executive, he explained.

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