Feijo and Moreno against Woakes: They have never managed “one public euro” and decide “hundreds of kilometers” from Andalusia

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Before a grand staging, with a giant screen on which videos and pictures of the most beautiful places in Andalusia were presented, and with Jennifer Lopez and her thunderous rhythm change stepsThe Andalusian PP took a shower of self-esteem and enthusiasm in front of more than a thousand people this Sunday at a hotel in Seville in La Cartuja on the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

In this long pre-election campaign for the Andalusian elections on June 19, the national leader of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, and the president and candidate of the Junta de Andalucá popular For re-election, Juanma Moreno has criticized the populist right-wing party Vox, led by Santiago Abascal, but without explicitly mentioning it.

The surveys that are becoming known these days rank Vox much higher than the results obtained in the previous Andalusian elections of 2018 and with the possibility of forming a government with the PP. However, the poll published this Sunday by EL Mundo shows that Moreno will be able to rule alone.

for the national president of popular“Those who criticize us and say that we should not vote for PP, but we should vote for them; those who criticize us, but want to support us and rule with us, have lost their lives in Haven’t managed a public euro. They teach management, but they haven’t managed a city council, an autonomous community or a province,” Feijo said, referring to Vox.

The PP is the only party that has “free to decide” the future of Andalucians after the 19-j elections, with Moreno declaring how “other” parties “depend on decisions that are hundreds of kilometers from de Andaluca”. have been made”, also in a clear allusion to Vox, but without naming this political formation.

The president of the PP has asked Moreno to talk about Andalusia in the coming weeks and to stay away from noise and insults. “They’re going to try to talk to you about feijo, about what someone said 700 kilometers from Andaluca and who you’re going to agree with and under what conditions”, but “if we Talking about Andaluca, they lose and we win”.

According to his style as a moderate figure, in perfect harmony with Moreno, Feijo advises the Andalusian PP that in this election campaign, “for every insult” they respond with “offers, each”. Smokescreen” before they offer “concrete milestones”. ” and, “Before every attempt to distract, Andaluca, Andaluca, Andaluca”.

This has been the main advice Feijo has given to Moreno, whom he calls on to unite Andalusians to continue the work of “taking Andalusia out of Caboose” and turning it into “Spain’s economic engine”.

For Feijo, the Andalusian elections in June are set to be the “first stage” in the electoral process, culminating in a change in the presidency of Spain’s government. “Just as you find it difficult to convince someone that the government of Sánchez is the best government for Spain, it will be even more difficult for someone to deny that the government of Juanma Moreno is the best government for Andalusia; that, I tell you can tell.” Make sure you’re not going to find it”, he explained.

“Faced with a policy that opens the trenches, we want to open our home to the people,” said Feijo, who has placed himself under “order” of the Andalusian PP, thus in position with the phase of his predecessor. Marking the distance, Pablo Casado, and the friction between the party’s national leadership and the Andalusian one.


Echoes of the PSOE rally at the Dos Hermanas municipal fair booth this Saturday, which was attended by Pedro Sánchez, eight ministers, and Juan Espadas, the socialist candidate for president of the board, are also noted in the PP Act.

Moreno believes that Pedro Sánchez is “a foolish man or a well-endowed person” to support corruption on the PP, as he did at the Dos Hermanas rally, and the socialist governments in the Junta de Andaluca. The matter of ERE was silenced. “Is it so that nobody told them that the biggest corruption case happened with PSOE? Someone should tell them the story of Andalusia,” he said.

This Saturday “a president and eight ministers had to come to cover their candidate,” said Juan Espadas, at the Dos Hermanas rally, but “I ask them to come to Andalusia every day, but to work, to change and to disgrace Not to invest for”.

In this pre-election campaign, candidates “I see them angry with PP” and “they insult me”—Moreno said—while Pedro Sánchez “their problems are rotting”, such as, for example, increasing prices.

Faced with these attacks, Moreno has opted for a “positive campaign away from humiliation” and asked his followers to take to the streets with “honesty, humility, a smile and an outstretched hand” to defend the PP project. Is.

Regarding the PP-friendly elections, Moreno has said: “Let’s not count on ourselves” because there is still “much more to do” and we should not underestimate the “potential” of the PSOE and its “oiled political machinery”. should” whose purpose is power.

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