Feijo asked for votes from PSOE militants so that the PP would rule in Andalusia “without intermediaries”.


He does not want to depend on Vox and calls on Andalusians to “protect themselves from populism”: “nothing is built with political fragmentation”.

Feijo, this Saturday, during a rally in Malaga.Daniel PreziEFE
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“Imagine a house where the parents leave debt at all the stores and hand the neighbors a fistful. When the kids get older they find out they don’t have a home, they add to the parents’ payroll. confiscated and they have to start repaying the debt.” With these words, PP President Alberto Nez Feijo defines this Sunday as caddies During these years the management of Pedro Sánchez, a “divided, broken and fragmented government” that brings “instability, unemployment, debts, deficits, taxes and poverty” and leaves a toxic legacy that must be paid to his heirs. For this reason, he has directly requested the vote of PSOE militants to rule in his party. Andaluca “Without intermediaries”, that is, without resorting to Vox. “Let’s convince Andalusians that we must save Andalusia from populism and political fragmentation,” he insisted.

A week before the Andalusian election 19-J, And there is a lot of self-esteem with the PP as polls place it close to an absolute majority (the latest Sigma dos poll for EL Mundo gives it between 45 and 52 deputies and the right will collect 56% of the vote, 36% for popular), leader popular Called upon to take advantage of every last support, even those who went along so far enemy.

“If elections are held this Sunday, elections say we won, some say we are swept away, but nothing has been done here,” Feijo said. Since every vote counts so as not to depend on other political forces, he has ventured: “We are going to be brave. We are going to tell the comrades who voted for PSOE. I know PSOE a lot.” Worried that we ask for votes for their extremists, but what happens? That their extremists don’t have the ability to understand? Is it that maybe we can’t address the person who voted for PSOE? Is it so? Maybe it’s not democracy? Is it that maybe Andalusia has a vote cap?

“Let’s be brave, and ask all the socialists who are already starting to talk publicly that they don’t like sanchismism and who are already starting to tell us privately that they want PP ready to vote so that we can help rule Andalusia. More and more people are commenting that Juanma is the best option”.

The leader of the PP has urged several times to “protect Andalusia from populism”. “Fission encourages blackmail of minorities. Nothing has been created out of fragmentation”, he indicated. “Here we don’t come to dismantle society, we don’t come to pit each other and find criminals against hardships. This is a project that doesn’t instill fear,” he said in an oblique reference to Vox. said in.

Feijo has attended a meeting with the general coordinator of PP in Cdiz, they bandodoCandidate number one by CDs, ana maestreand the chairman of the provincial PP, Bruno Garca Lane, After “praising the humor and talent of the people of Cádiz, who know how to reconcile parties with work”, he declared that “Spain does not deserve this political carnival” from the Sánchez government. He had a slip saying “Galicia” when he meant “Spain”.

Knowing that these Andalusian elections are the first round of future general elections, the national Galician leader has now offered “unity”, “certainty” and “political stability” against “a government” that “does not respect institutions”. does”, which is “at the mercy of its minority partners and that it has no right to organize and lead a country”.

Feijo sells management, predictability, experience and sobriety in the purest Rajoy style, and recalls in the context of Juanma Moreno himself that “a leader is made with many hours of work and many quarters of politics”. has been removed from the casado. He calls for a move away from “populism that lives by dividing society” and, conversely, proposes a project “not only for Andalusia but for the national” that seeks “not to fragment society, with an emphasis on education”. Refrain from giving, does not delve into divisions and seeks to open up. For those who think differently but have good ideas. In other words, a centrist project that “doesn’t go against anyone.”

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