Feijo closes his succession in Galicia and “gives PP a new horizon” in Spain

18th Congress of ‘Popular’ Galicians


The leader of the PP delegates power to Alfonso Rueda and emulates Fraga, saying: “There are no tutels or tutas here”.

Albert N.
Alberto Nez Feijo and his successor, Alfonso Rueda, at the PPdeG Congress.salvador sasiEFE

Alberto Nez Feijo certainly faces a new phase as head of PP. After quelling the internal crisis with his election as the national leader and furthering Madrid with the presidency of Isabel Diaz Ayusso, it was time to close the circle on his land, Galicia, who lost the president of the party and the government with his leap in state politics. Finally, with this Sunday’s appointment the succession process is sealed alfonso rueda as the new regional leader.

Within the framework of the party’s 18th Autonomous Congress, Rueda is declared president of the PPDEG in his home, Pontevedra, in which he was the only candidate, a result of internal consensus within the party at the autonomous level sponsored by Feijo himself. His efforts only allowed him to close his succession in a month and a half and his successor is now officially the junta (for a week) and the new president of the party.

51 days after his election as the leader of the PP in National Congress in Seville So, in early April, he managed to bring the PP back on the national stage, dousing the internal fires and uniting the party and keeping his community on track. During his concluding remarks at Congress, he himself referred to the PP’s internal crisis and reviewed the “series of crises” faced by the Galician PP since 2006. manual frag Lost the government of Xunta and gave way to a bipartisan executive PSOE-BNG.

“The question is: will I ever have a period with no distress?” Feijo reflected, pointing to the firefighting role that has made him a reference baron in PP since Fraga’s success in Galicia 16 years earlier. He himself replied: “Perhaps it would no longer be useful” if the future of the party and Spain were to be peaceful. In any case, he himself marked out his roadmap for this new phase, in which he would like to “leave the crisis we are facing at the moment”, economic, regional, financial and institutional.

Looking back over these past 51 days, he insisted that “the only thing we did was to give the party a new horizon”, with tours scheduled for planned state and municipal elections, a period of “confusion, hope and the future”. to open. In the Galician regional elections for 2023 and 2024. “We are beginning a new phase”, he himself insisted, predicting a “bright future” for his community and the country as a whole.

He acknowledged, in any case, “we don’t know what is missing for the general election”, alluding to the fact that the decisions of Pedro Sánchez’s current executive have always been weighed down by the path marked by his colleagues at United. Is. We can and the parties that supported his investment. The date of the election, he recalled, “would depend on the ERC and Buildoo or” on Yolanda (Diaz) meeting with Podemos and Podemos with Yolanda. Because “this, unfortunately, is the reality of Spanish politics”.

Feijo avoided this speech, which, in turn, was a preview of his new roadmap, alluding directly to Castilla y León or PP’s hostage in Andalusia. His only reference to these autonomous communities was to praise the figures of the presidents of both communities, Alfonso Fernandez Mauco (in the room) and juanma morenoHowever if anyone has got his unconditional support it is Daz Ayuso.

Following his designation as regional leader, he reaffirmed goodwill with Seoul and reinforced the support already extended this Saturday. “Madrid is an unstoppable PP machine and we are going to protect the PP machines,” he promised, extending Gnova’s full support to the Madrid leader’s project.

The same trust transferred to Ayuso is given to his successor, the appointed leader of the Galician PP with the support of 97.2% of the delegates. He highlighted that “he knows very well what has happened and what is happening” in the Galician government, which is “perhaps one of the best governments in the European regions”, he estimated. But also that he knows “the machine room of the workings of the administration” and that he knows the PP of Galicia systematically and “he is a good man”.

“There are no guardians or nights here.

As of this Sunday, he announced that he would “call him President Rueda” and “put me in order” and that he was sure that in this new phase in which the party seeks a fifth consecutive absolute majority after Feijo’s own four, “here are neither tutelas nor tuta”, referring to the already famous phrase by Manuel Fraga in 1990 and remembered from time to time by party leaders such as Jose Mara Aznari,

A new phase free from slavery because the PP is not accountable to any other party in Galicia and in which they drink the fruit is, according to Feijo, “the DNA of our party”: unity, service and faith.

For Rueda, like the rest of the PP, he marked the path he should not deviate from, saying “Here he comes to work, not to post” and “He comes to leave stories and not tell stories.” ” Feijo wants “a party with principles” that is “a winner, united and committed” and does not condone “the arithmetic of power to see if I can add up to defeat and become president”, a clear hidden Hui signaled President Sanchez.

This new formation that seeks to lead to a new horizon ends in Moncloa, claiming that it should be “accountable to none except the Spanish” and a forceful defense of the Constitution and democratic institutions. made a statement. “We are here to govern better, to manage better, to have more respect so as never to insult each other, to protect the institutions of the state, so that the government is not above the institutions of the state and so that the presidential government is the first is Spanish”, he reminded his party before finally saying goodbye to his Galician stage. “Always.”

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