Feijo corrects Bandado: “Spain is not a multinational state, that’s clear”


The Leader of the Opposition assured that respect for “nationalities” would “maintain the ideology of the PP as long as the party exists”.

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Alberto Nez Feijo during a meeting with the businessmen of Ceuta.tarekoPP
  • Ms. Madera Ajnarism rebels against Feijo’s discourse of “nationalities”.
  • interview Ellas Bandado: “Catalonia is a state nationality, like any other autonomous community”

“Spain is not a multinational state, it is clear”. The Chairman of PP has corrected the announcements this Tuesday World from your number three, they bandodo, “In my opinion, the debate does not exist. This is a mistake that has been corrected after a short period of time.”

“Indeed, Spain is not and will not be a multinational state; Spain is a nation that guarantees the autonomy of nationalities and regions,” the leader of the PP insisted. “What Spain is defined by our history over the past 500 years, and Spain is very well described and cataloged. Spanish Constitution“, which he protects tooth and nail.

Alberto Nez Feijo read that article from memory: “The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation, which is the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, and recognizes and guarantees the right to autonomy of the nationalities and territories involved.” “and solidarity among them all”.

And he, in front of those who do not agree within his party – above all, the Ajanarista wing and the liberal wing – with the use of the word “nationality”, that “this is the ideology of our party: it is, has been, it is”. ” and will remain so as long as PP exists”.

To allay doubts, Feijo has assured that “the state is not negotiated.” “The organization and distribution of the state are not negotiated and sovereignty should not be negotiated”. he asked for ceutaBut this is additional to the Catalan debate.

Regarding the abortion law, he assures it is a ploy by the executive to “distract” economic and national security problems. And he said he was against it: “We think that voluntary interruption [del embarazo] Minors must have parental consent.” “If the law in Spain prohibits the consumption of alcohol by a minor under the age of 18, it seems reasonable that this law would request parental permission for abortion. does”.

When asked about the return of Juan Carlos I to Spain, Feijo declared himself “absolutely in favour”. “As far as I know, they do not have any pending cases,” he argued. Citing United We Can, he argues, “removing the head of state is something we Spaniards do not deserve, and even less is encouraged by the government.” Something that PSOE “leaves” to combat, in their opinion.

Another topical issue that the opposition leader has been asked about is the recordings of Villarejo and María Dolores de Cospedal revealed by El País. In them, the then Secretary General of the PP is concerned about EL Mundo’s revelations about the payment of bonuses in Gnova and asks the commissioner for help so that Brasenas’ papers, which he calls the “little book”, are not known.

“Our party respects the judicial inquiry,” Feijo paused. “Even with those that affect PP.” “If you want to bring in recordings from a decade ago, everyone has the right to bring them,” he said.

From the autonomous city, Feijo has celebrated the opening of the Ceuth border with Morocco, but regrets that the necessary planning has not been done. He concluded, “The borders have to be opened. They should not have been closed. But with the reopening of the border, necessary measures have not been taken to ensure that it is done with the provision of legal protection and necessary means. ”

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