Feijo leaves Enrique López out of Gnova and gives González Ponce all the power in justice.

National Executive Committee of PP


‘Popular’ also produces changes in international, electoral and municipal areas.

Feijo, with the PP Steering Committee, this Thursday.EFE
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News led by the popular party. The formation, led by Alberto Nez Feijo, will next Monday appoint leaders who will be in charge of the justice, international, electoral action and organic sectors of the municipality.

according to training popularDeputy Secretary, Institutional Policy, Esteban Gonzalez Poncewho assumes the powers of justice, defense and constitutional policy in the first person Gabriel Mato As Executive Secretary for International Policy.

In this way, Feijo gives Gonzalez all the power in the realm of justice to Ponce and throws Gnova out of Gnova. Enrique LopezThe current Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Internal Affairs of the Government of the Community of Madrid.

committee on monday

for its part, Antonio Rodriguez Miranda Under the coordination of the PP’s executive secretary abroad, the organization’s deputy secretary, miguel teladowhoever proposes carmen fenzo As Head of the Electoral Action Zone.

In addition, the former mayor of Guadalajara, Antonio Romeshall be the Executive Secretary of City Policy and Large Cities, and shall report to the Deputy Secretary of Autonomous Policy, Pedro Rolan,

These appointments will be proposed during the celebration of the National Executive Committee, which the PP will hold on Monday.

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