Feijo meets the Moroccan prime minister by surprise and distances himself from the “secret letter from Snéchez” about Shara.


The president of the PP takes advantage of a congress in the Netherlands to tell Rabat that, if he rules, it should not assume Sánchez’s commitments without consensus.

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Alberto Nez Feijo, at the PP Steering Committee on Monday.David MudarraPP
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President of the People’s Party, Alberto Nez FeijoHave arranged a surprise meeting with the Prime Minister of Morocco, Aziz Ajanouch, in Rotterdam, as confirmed by himself upon his arrival in the Dutch city. In a highly unusual bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Congress of the European People’s Party, Feijo has assured that he intends for Rabat to know what its position will be if it reaches the government and to address the Shara issue. With the resolutions of the United Nations and the consensus that the President of the Government has not demanded, Pedro Sanchez, Galician does not accept the letter declared by Moncloa Mohammed VI,

The Galician letter stands out: “The Shara problem cannot be solved with a secret letter. We have to bring to light the problem of Shara, stenography, transparency and international agreement. What the government has done is just the opposite. Going underground to solve an international problem only leads to more problems, more tension, more uncertainty and less responsibility towards the Saharawi people, Morocco and the United Nations”.

In exchange for not handing over Shara as Sanchez, he assumes a commitment and is not to hide actions with the Polisario Front from Morocco. “The first thing we have is to get back to seriousness in foreign policy. Foreign policy is not a phenomenon. Foreign policy is not required because of non-compliance, such as not informing Morocco about actions with the leader of the Polisario Front who illegally entered Spain, sponsored by the national government. A government cannot bring a citizen into its territory illegally,” he reprimanded.

The fact that the leader of the opposition has not accepted the commitments made by Mohammed VI after receiving Sanchez’s letter could have future consequences in relations with Morocco and Algeria amid the energy crisis.

This meeting is represented by the International Premier of the Leader of the PP, who has filled out his agenda in Rotterdam with other Prime Ministers of his political force and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen,

Feijo has thus described what his policy with Morocco would be if he were to head the government: “I can first assure the Moroccan prime minister that I am not going to betray him, nor am I going to betray my country.” Second, whatever it does, I’m going to try to reach a consensus so that there is a business for stability in the relationship between Morocco and Spain, Spain and Morocco, which is a government are not relations which are for one time, but relations of two states. Third, tell him very clearly that Within the scope of UN resolutions, we can agree on many things. On the other hand, “outside UN resolutions, agreements are not going to produce international impact”.

“I am sure the Prime Minister of Morocco will understand me, because the important thing between the two countries is that there is no deceit, no betrayal and no secret letters. We are going to do this clearly and with light. and stenographer. and in the Congress of Deputies”, assured the Leader of the Opposition.

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