Feijo offers to “add and create” PP and Sanchez replies that it only serves to “get in the way”.


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Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Nez Feijo greet each other in the Senate today.fernando alvaradoEFE
  • managing committee Feijo in his first face-to-face with Sanchez called for the Treaty of Monclou: “Stop being a burden to the political class”.
  • Policy Government widens its division: PSOE lowers tax on the “rich” of Podemos and challenges Monteiro with DAZ fuel

The first face-off between the President of government and the leader of the PP at the Parliamentary Headquarters. Alberto Nez Feijo has chosen against Pedro Sánchez to avoid disqualification in the parliamentary debate and urged the government’s president to address the difficulties faced by Spanish families in response to a proposal for economic measures drawn up by his party. Get down in With the crisis of inflation which is already taking a toll on the pockets of the citizens. Feijo extends his hand, offering to “add and create” his party, but the response he receives from Sanchez is that he devotes himself only to “getting in the way”.

popular He has claimed “useful politics without humiliation and without anger”, has assured that his intention is to work, and in that sense he has reprimanded the president for not responding to the economic plan he has given him. Sent weeks ago. Thus, he has urged them to recover more than 4,000 million euros for middle and low income earners and to reduce VAT on hydrocarbons to 5%. “You have more European funds than ever and you have raised 24 taxes, yet why do you insist on lending to the Spanish at 210 million euros a day?”, he said; “Why do you insist on paying attention to the minorities when they are not right? One thing is to rule and the other is to oppose”, he distorts before throwing the dart: “You can be on the same level as the majority Quit to be on the side of Spaniards and minorities?

Sanchez has responded to the increasingly fierce backlash by once again attempting to link PP with Vox’s extreme authority. It is impossible for two parties to reach agreements with whom, according to the President, unlike other parliamentary groups or social partners. It was then that Feijo was called upon to form an “opposition of the state” and accused the PP of devoting himself only to “getting in the way”.

The head of the executive has made sure that the PP “doesn’t meet them”. Constitution“, has urged his interlocutor to renew the constitutional organs and criticized him for “speak ill” Spain” on the outside.

Feijo has insisted that Sanchez’s problem is that “he has no state partner” and compared the president to a driver who is going in the opposite direction on the road: “You are already against the Spanish. are going.” The PP leader concluded his speech by urging Sanchez to “forget the Feizo effect and focus on the inflationary effect.”

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