Feijo orders Baron not to enter Vox debate during campaign


“Now we only talk about our project,” he told them at lunch, so as not to deter Moreno.

Juanma Moreno and Alberto N.
Juanma Moreno and Alberto Nez Feijo joking with the Andalusian Minister of Culture, Patricia Del Pozo, in Seville yesterday.EFE
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Be careful talking about what Vox wants. Be careful not to enter into stimuli. Beware the polarization of the election campaign from outside Andalusia. This was the message that Alberto Nez Feijo transmitted to the regional baron of PP over a private lunch last Monday. as you know WorldThe main opposition leader called for additional efforts from popular regional presidents so as not to break the positive trend of Juanma Moreno in the elections.

And to try to focus the campaign’s focus on Moreno’s management and proposals, beyond the brief, and not on the cultural battle that Macarena Olona (Vox) wants to fish in Moreno’s fishing grounds and the vote of fear that Juan Espadas (PSOE) to heal disgruntled socialists.

According to sources familiar with the contents of the lunch, there is no longer talk of other parties, only about our project, Feijo told his folks. We’re not going to talk much about the other parties, nor with the parties, until 19-J. Then I would meet PSOE, CS, Vox, all along, he said to the Baron, as one of them recalls. In other words, no longer a clash of horns with CGPJ, nor Abascal, but to bet everything on the alternative. A good part of Feijo’s future depends because of Andaluca: or the Great Catapult or the Great Ballast.

force-ideas transmitted to him by the leader popular It was one of optimism and perseverance. Optimism because the PP has internal elections that put Moreno at a 50-seat (majority 55) limit, something which has been supported by the election. sigma dos For this newspaper, which grants Moreno between 46 and 50 deputies. In other words, more than the sum of all leftist forces, that would reach a maximum of 44 depts.

they are afraid gnova It is that the Andalusian campaign becomes a national battlefield, with PSOE looming over the PP scandals of 10 years ago and Vox trying to polarize debates so that popular Enter its framework and their vote is useful to right-wing voters. But if the road to 19-J turns into a clash of factions, Moreno will not consolidate his rise through centrality, sources consulted with the judge. What we want to celebrate are thousands of disgruntled socialists.

The ruling leaders will be in the campaign, but not Rajoy and Ajnari

For this reason, Feijo made a promise to the Baron that he would not interfere in the Andalusian campaign: Juanma is in charge. It is very important for the Galician leader to be clear that the strategies, messages, guests and timing are determined by the PP-A, and not by GNOVA. In that sense all the Barons will go to campaign, but for now don’t expect Ajnar and Rajoy to do so.

The experience with the Casado expedition in Castilla y León was very negative and Feijo knows what to do. Go where they ask you to add and, above all, to talk about the problems of Andalusia instead of the national debate, point to the 3rd Baron, thus the words of Feijo at the Monday meeting at the national headquarters of the PP Let’s explain.

According to one of the attendees, that lunch had a very relaxed atmosphere. The confusion is clear, we are doing very well, he added. Protect another source, like a shot. The conclave was informal, very different from those that Casado called after each executive Committee, One of the regional presidents explains that Feijo attempts to team up and articulate a very clear course, while there was a turn of interference in which the discomfort of several Barons betrays PP’s course.

This optimism from Genoa is also due to the lack of strength in Olona so far. Before being a candidate, Vox scored 2.5 points higher than the poll published yesterday by this newspaper.

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