Feijo orders PP to end “Zascus” policy and prepare to rule “in months”


PP leaders already see Sanchez as a “deputy to the PP’s opposition” and are calling on their deputy and senators to expedite in the event of an early election.

Feijo, after chairing the plenary meeting of the PP Parliamentary Groups of the Congress, the Senate and the European Parliament.Zippy AragonEFE
  • PP Elected senator for Feijo, Galicia with only his party’s votes
  • Andaluca Feijo encouraged a plan to govern alone: ​​”a large majority and an independent president”.

Alberto Nez Feijo often says that “forms are the guarantee of things.” That is why he has troubled his co-religionists this Friday about how they should behave in the Houses. In his charge of good parliamentary etiquette, the leader of the PP called for “returning to honor Spanish parliamentarism”, “using the tone that most Spaniards use every day in their homes”, and ” forms”. Government and its allies.

“I believe in serious work of cameras, not in parliamentary circuses,” summarized Feijo, who asked his men not to try to shock the parish, tweeting in search of television minutes, But to work on measures that change the physical lives of citizens. More revisions and less explosions, is the summary.

The President of the PP has assembled the three parliamentary groups of the PP in the Senate. When Feijo makes a closed defense of parliamentary “education”, the deputy, senator and MEP clap together. “The cameras are not a social network in which to compete with smack and coarse words,” he said, adding that among his co-religionists the image of Macarena Olona, ​​a Vox candidate. Andaluca, Later, the leader popular The main command of his style manual for a good MP is: “Give a correct amendment to the PGE much more than a simple tweet from the deputy.” “We have to be better than others in essence and form.”

This has been announced by Feijo, the PP’s deputy, senator and MEP, which is meeting in the Upper House today. The meeting kicked off the renewal of the party, which has been carried forward by the new leader. Not in vain, deputies in private joke about the “Caribbean rhythm” of their leader, although they always admire that he moves safely. For him, the transition has been very swift: “The party has, in less than two months, done an analysis to look at the moment this country is going through.”

After the formal presentation of the new leaders popular Which will occupy the second line of cameras, Feijo has told his lawmakers to be ready to be able to rule very soon. “In a few months, we don’t know how many, we may have a responsibility to implement the measures that we propose now,” he insisted. “Spain is watching us. There are many Spaniards who are watching us and want us to fix this. Let me offer you victory, explaining in detail the alternative paths,” he said.

With the transition “Spain got excited”, with Philip GonzalezWho? aznari with and Rajoy, he said, and that illusion “is now possible again”. “I rebel against the populist slander that some politicians and movements of all stripes have tried to raise against institutions; I will always contribute to protecting them and giving them a reputation, wherever they may be.” “I rebel against the slavery of the Sanchista party, which is sacrificing the interests of all in favor of those who want to “dissolve” Spain without any shame,” he said.

To congratulate everyone for the first time, in tighter ranks, the PP would integrate its parliamentary groups even more: all three would have the same adviser, to organize themselves “better”. This is what Feijo told his family behind closed doors, as this newspaper learned. The change is minor, as until now there was one coordinator who controlled the three advisors. The new person in charge of centralizing the messages will be lovero preziFeijo in . Advisor of Maximum Confidence Galiciato be director of parliamentary coordination,

The Leader of the Opposition has criticized that Sanchez attacked the PP for its past scandals, something which PP sources ironically frame as a “legitimate defense” due to the drift of socialists. “Snatchez is starting to see himself as an opposition deputy, opposing the PP,” Feijo insisted. “Spain has a bad government because it does not govern: its allies control it. And because it does not manage: it is not able to control the drift of inflation and it is indebted to us without control.” , and that puts it at risk ui Keep transferring funds,” he insisted.

In this sense, he tells his team not to go by the road to La Moncloa: “We have to deal with the government plan that the Spanish demands and deserves. This is how I understand the teams: configuring and promoting the project.” I am the next government Spain, Above all, with ideas and proposals, but also with the different styles in which most Spaniards saw themselves represented”.

One last complaint from Feijo: “The Sanchista party says that it wants to agree with PP, but then she agrees on everything with the libertarians. Do we really have to attend this theater? They don’t count with me.” I refuse. To understand politics as a theater in which the main opposition party is insulted and humiliated in the morning and in the afternoon it is asked to talk as if nothing has happened. My that cynical policy has no intention of collaborating with”. “I know bad government is more comfortable being insulted, but we act more as a substitute rather than an opposition,” he conceded.

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