Feijo promised von der Leyen that he would respect the recovery plan made by Sanchez “because Spain needs the money”.


The President of the European Commission assures the leader of the PP that it will be strict and he complains that the government neither executes the money quickly nor informs it

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Alberto Nez Feijo greets Ursula von der Leyen in Rotterdam.David MudarraPP
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Both are members of the European People’s Party, but the meeting was institutional. That is, a meeting with the President of the European Commission, not with any party colleague. in that framework, Ursula von der Leyen made the leader of PP, Alberto Nez FeijoThe question that the European Commission needs to know in order to continue distributing funds will respect the PP if it handles the milestones of the recovery plan presented by the Sanchez government? The answer is yes, because Spain needs money. Those milestones connect usAccording to PP sources, Feijo has assured him.

The relevant meeting took place on the sidelines of the Congress of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Rotterdam. PP sources have clarified that FEIZO is committed to respecting the framework agreed by Sanchez with the EU, but not in the specific way in which the current coalition government interprets it. For example, if a milestone is to ensure stability of pensions, FEIZO pledges to follow it, but not with an increase in contributions to companies and the self-employed, as approved by the government.

The people of the community have focused more on the bilateral meeting. Feijo has assured the Germans that Spain will need all the funding for both subsidies and loans by 2026 as planned and argued the delay caused to the Spanish economy to recover to pre-pandemic levels. For his part, according to the version of the PP, the President of the European Commission has transferred FEIZO to Brussels They will be strict in demanding compliance of agreed milestones to proceed with the disbursements attached to them.,

On the other hand, the popular leader has lamented before the German that the government does not inform the main opposition party as well as delays the execution of funds already deposited with a delay of two years.

In his first international trip, Feijo wanted to give his allies the seriousness and image of a state party and also an alternative government committed to fiscal rigor and Aim to strengthen the euro and strengthen the European economy, So he declared himself to the press in the Dutch city.

We understand the concern of European leaders about the state of weak government Which is present in our country. This is an unprecedented government with a left-wing populist party, where the Communist Party is the essence of that group (…) Obviously, our allies don’t understand how a nation’s government can have parties that don’t believe the nation as allies and what they want is to break and divide it, he has said.

Feijo squeezed his first visit with a dozen bilateral meetings with EPP leaders, including the aforementioned von der Leyen and prime ministers such as the Greeks. Kyriakos Mitsotakiso, I want to send a message to our European allies and that is that we are ready. Our aim is to guarantee political choice and political choice in Spain, that we have come here with a commitment to the European People’s Party, which includes in compliance with our commitments to Spain fruitful policies, European policies, healthy economic development, regulations To do. To further strengthen the euro and strengthen the European economy, he announced.

The Galicians are also expected to gain weight in the EPP, although they have now lost the secretary general after 23 years, as published by this newspaper last Sunday. Spanish MEP of PP who captured it, Antonio Lopez IstrizAfter two decades said goodbye and a long applause attended by von der Leyen and the new chairman of the EPP, manfred weber, In return, a vice president is given Esteban Gonzalez Ponce With economic competencies, European funds and ties with Ibero-America.

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