Feijo promises “an audit” to cut bureaucratic spending when it comes to La Moncloa


The leader of the PP predicts at the Third International Expansion Forum that his party will have to clean up the economy again “in the coming semester”.

Feijo talks this Wednesday at the Alcal de Henares with Nicola Speroni and Stefania Bedogni, general directors of Unidad Editorial.

“Every time there has been a problem in Spain, the PP has been called to govern. And we are experiencing moments of difficulty again.” Alberto Nez Feijo believes his “alternative” is already close to La Moncloa, as Spain do not have “enough willows” to face the current crisis if Pedro Sánchez continues to lead.

During his speech at the III International Expansion Forum – the economic newspaper of the Unidad Editorial, EL Mundo’s publishing company, FEIZO not only showed his “traceability” as a manager, but also promised to “do it again” Is. The PP had already had to redirect the economic course after previous crises.

In this sense, he recalls the achievements of Mariano Rajoy and sets them as the goal to repeat: “As soon as it has a right economic policy, Spain will return to what it has always done: to overcome the financial crisis.” , creating three million jobs, reducing energy costs, controlling the public deficit and returning to development”, asserted the president of the main opposition party.

And this will happen, in his opinion, very soon, in the case of the “semester”. “The way it has been done, it will be done again in the coming semester and in the years to come,” he underlined. Why? According to Feijo, Pedro Sánchez’s executive faces “material fatigue” and therefore reacts “with disdain” to criticism of PP.

Feijo has announced that, if he governs, in the first days he will conduct an “audit” to define “adjustments for bureaucratic spending generated by the current government”. The CEOE believes that up to $60.00 million in spending can be cut. “Unfortunately, we have past experiences,” the PP chairman added as a basis for doubting the state’s accounts.

“I want to reaffirm a choice of vehement opposition” that “consists not in obstructing, but in making the motion”, Feijo said, referring to the fact that Sanchez spoke to the Senate on PP “to get in the way, to come in”. way and way”.

In this sense, the ‘popular’ leader has justified the economic plan he presented last month as the best starting point for dealing with the effects of inflation: “Going to the supermarket or the gas station is a risky game. ” “We propose to reduce personal income tax for those who earn less than EUR 40,000 during times when inflation rises,” he explained.

In other words, deflation of the tax rate would be done without an expiration date set by the CPI, as the additional collections that led to inflation would allow it. “From January to April more than 13,000 million euros have been collected,” he said. In other words, “4,000 million more than expected for all of 2022.”

In his speech at the Parador de Alcal de Henares, Feijo stressed that the economic plan was “supported by socialist leaders with government responsibilities”, but cited none. The “I accept my confusion” is deepened by a Sanchez’s “closiness to adopt measures” that “lives from day to day”.

In addition to fiscal measures against inflation, Feijo has promised to “accelerate European funding to improve competition”, allowing 5,000 million community manna to be injected directly into households.

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