Feijo regrets Snatchez’s “destruction” with Algeria: “EU had to come to fix it”.


The leader of the opposition responded to the prime minister and accused Shara of deepening the diplomatic crisis after the “explosion”.

Nez Feijo, this Saturday in Cradoba.tarekamjo

Expedition Ecuador. All national leaders will spend this weekend for red color, While the left, with several ministers, attempts to re-energize voters and garner votes in the final stages, opposition leaders rely on inflation and the Pedro Sánchez government’s crisis with Algeria to protect guarantees. , commanded by Juanma Moreno, four years older san telmo,

In fact, questions with Algiers It is becoming one of the themes of the campaign and both some and others are already using it as a throwing weapon. It is believed by socialist ranks that the Popular Party supports the Algerian thesis and uses them to demean the executive. Sanchez himself expressed it this Saturday in the city of Malaga lines: “If a third country puts pressure on Spain and the European Union supports Spainthey [el PP] Support the third country that puts pressure on us.”

A few minutes later, Alberto Nez Feijo answered him. antequera, The leader of the opposition lamented the “destruction” caused by the chief executive in foreign affairs and the image it had created at the community level: “The European Union has had to come to fix this,” criticizing Galicians. .

In the eyes of the opposition, what has happened in recent days is another chapter in the “unprecedented tone” given by Sanchez. shararaWith his back in Congress, which has “not only fixed the problems” MoroccoBut it has also opened up a serious diplomatic crisis for our country like Algeria with a strategic ally.

What’s more, Feijo remarked that the main opposition party, like the rest of the structures with representation in the Chamber, still does not know the details of the agreement with Morocco, “which was supposed to bring great results.” “A politician can at least tell the truth,” he said.

ask respect for the opposition

Feijoa, it’s going on Saturday crdobaAntequera and Málaga have also resumed their first one-on-one dispute with the prime minister, which took place in the Senate control session last Tuesday, when Sánchez assured that the PP, after a change in his address Despite that, it continued. To “get in the way” of executive management.

“There is no democratic rule without opposition”, the president is believed to have popularwho have emphasized the essential controlling role of parties to act as countermeasures to the government, for which they have requested respect for the work done by PP as leader of the opposition in our democracy.

In his opinion, Sanchez’s words against the opposition are reminiscent of “autocratic turns that must be forgotten”, and he has recognized that socialists seen in the dynamic in recent times have been crowned “champions of humiliation”. . While they try to discredit the PP in Andalusia with their campaign on the national level and do not provide the remedy at the regional level. In this sense, the only formation focusing on the priorities of the Andalusian people is ordered by Juanma Moreno at the regional level.

breakdown in train

Feijo’s route through Andaluca started off rough this weekend. Late this Friday night, the popular leader, his team and several journalists were stranded along with the rest of the passengers from AVE to Malaga for two hours due to a breakdown that paralyzed service at a height of two hours was. The area of ​​La Sagra between Madrid and Toledo.

Feijo himself communicated this via social networks, where he was calm: “the yards of business”, he reflected, as well as admiring the “patience and civility of the passengers” with whom he shared the train. Despite the incident, neither the rail route has been affected nor has the agenda of PP’s weekend been affected.

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