Feijo transferred his “nationality” plan to the Basque Country in order to recover the vote that had escaped the PNV.


In Euskadi repeat its project of “cordial” regionalism to fight for voters who went to that party and now have doubts about its celebration ‘Ebertzel’

Albert N.
In an act of Alberto Nez Feijo, pp for Europe Day.Alberto Di Lolo
  • PP Feijo takes his leap to the Senate so that he can come face-to-face with Snechezo.
  • Proposal Feijo’s plan to heal Catalonia: “Senera and cordial Catalanism”

In 2015, the Basque PP conducted a sociological study to determine what the main obstacles were to the ETA following its definitive cessation of terroristic activity, and in what direction the formation should be headed. President of the Constitution arantja quirog,

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