Feijo warns PP voters against overconfidence


PP leader visits Malaga in his first official speech in the Andalusian election campaign

Albert N.
Alberto Nez Feijo and the Mayor of Málaga, during his visit to the Dekra Company.David Munarra
  • 19J Feijo considers Andalusian elections a lever to reach Moncloa

The president of the PP, Alberto Nuez Feijo, in the first acts of the Andalusian election campaign this Friday sent a loud and clear message to the extremists and supporters of the PP in which they have participated: “Don’t count on the elections, we have to win the elections. “

For him – and for the rest of the Andalusians who are up for election on June 19 – he has asked them to take stock, comparing the welfare management model proposed by the PP to “the most expensive government in a democracy” – that of Pedro Sánchez. PSOE-, create your own accounts and decide what you want for the future of Andaluca. A future that, in Feizu’s opinion, looks promising when bets on the team of Juanma Moreno, whom the polls see as the winner.

The president of the Popular Party has urged the Andalusian people to “not break the trend of continuous improvement in the Andalusian economy” and to strengthen a political project of Juanma Moreno, which is synonymous with opportunities, peace and respect, low taxes and scarcity. Bureaucracy, in contrast to the socialist proposition, which is “the opposite of economy”.

Thus, while the leader of the Andalusian PP traveled Seville To continue with the campaign there; Feizo came red color About one and a half hours late and with a hectic schedule, which includes, among others, a visit to the technology park in the capital, lunch with the terrorists Thief and the public bath in the modern auditorium Estepona till the end of the afternoon.

The purpose of this rapid route through Málaga and its province is to show their support for the “useful politics” of the popular Andalusian people and the project of Juanma Moreno, which called for Andaluca to “stop being the caboose of the Spanish economy and become a locomotive”, he pointed out. “an example” for the rest of the country “one of the regions with the greatest future in the southern” europaSomething that is especially important given the current situation”, he said.

With “runaway inflation”, the execution of European funds in only 6% of the more than 29,000 million euros Spain received or a loan that grows at a rate of 1,500 million euros a week and will end the year at 300,000 million,” a There is also no economic indicator which is not worrying”.

In this context in which people are having a tough time’, Feijo assured that government De Sanchez stressed that “inflation must be paid for by citizens, the self-employed and SMEs” and that “he seizes the opportunity to collect more at the expense of the taxpayer’s pocket”. Only between January and April, the administration has received 18% more in taxes and then allocated it to what they consider most convenient, the PP leader recalled, emphasizing that the 22 ministries Government is “obscene”.

“The fact that Málaga is today a recognized capital of the world is a useful way of doing politics,” he remarked, popularizing the way the city’s mayor works. Tower of Francis– and it is not by chance that Andalusia is one of those communities that have grown above average”, she pointed out, referring to the disqualification of Vice President Yolanda Diaz for parliamentary representation when she was in opposition in Galicia. without leaving his party.

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