Felipe VI cheers and applause in Vigo at the first official act since reuniting with his father


Felipe VI, Alberto N.
Felipe VI with Alberto Nez Feijo and Alfonso Rueda this Tuesday at Vigo.Rose Gonzalez
  • King Felipe VI tells his father about the loss to the Crown
  • Analysis Don Juan Carlos, King Felipe VI. forced to bow to the authority of

expectation is maximum Vigo For the visit of King Felipe VI this Tuesday morning, which is his first official assignment since meeting with his father on Monday. operetta, The agenda is double with the inauguration of city ​​of justice and Vigo to Naval Fair noveltyAnd kept quiet at the first appointments of the day.

Felipe VI arrived in judicial facilities amid a large security apparatus that was inaugurated this Tuesday and upon his arrival, around 200 people waited outside, who greeted him with applause and cheer. “Long Live the King”, “Long Live Felipe” and “Long Live the Queen” despite the fact that doa letizia Not with him on this journey were some cries of support that were devoted to him.

The emperor greeted the public as he exited the car, and then officials, without maintaining any contact with the media, waited outside to inquire about a meeting with his father. By informants “Your Majesty, how did you see your father?” Despite shouting of such questions, there was no response.

The emperor arrived in the city a day after Juan Carlos I left the same airport. madrid after a weekend of regattas Saxenxo In which he received great support from the public, with concentrations of hundreds of people during each day of his stay, to show their support in his return to Spain after almost two years. Abu Dhabi,

In Vigo, His Highness is meeting with political and judicial officials from across the country who participated in the inauguration of the new judicial headquarters in Vigo. President of cgpj, carlos lesmes, Minister of Justice, pillar lop, President of board, alfonso rueda, Former Galician President and Leader of the PP, Alberto Nuez Feijo, And Vigo’s mayor, Abel Caballero, was waiting for them in the court’s access square, where a long-awaited family photo was taken. They then entered the building to visit the new facilities and attend meetings with magistrates of various Superior Court of Justice,

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