Felipe VI tells his father about the loss to the Crown


The king spends “substantial time” explaining to the emeritus the “consequences for Spanish society” of his conduct.

King Juan Carlos upon his arrival at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.
King Juan Carlos upon his arrival at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.RodrigoEFE
  • King Felipe VI warns his father about the “consequences in Spanish society” of his behavior.
  • reunion King Juan Carlos before Felipe VI in Zarzuela: “I have come here to normalize everything”

King Juan Carlos is on his way to Abu Dhabi after a long and tense meeting with his son, Felipe VI. Raja’s father spent 11 hours in his house for more than 50 years. As Jarzuela explained in a statement sent 20 minutes after Don Juan Carlos left the house, after nine o’clock at night, there was ample time for conversation, followed by the family lunch.

Don Felipe and Don Juan Carlos met behind closed doors for several hours, in a private conversation in which the son spoke to the father first on family terms and then as head of state. Because Felipe VI appealed loyalty to the Crown to transfer to the former emperor that only in this way could he protect the institution and the 39-year legacy of Don Juan Carlos. A legacy that the father put into trouble because of his personal actions, first after falling in Botswana, which revealed Corinna’s presence in his life, and later after investigation made public the gifts received by Juan Carlos I over the years . That is why the meeting will first deal with personal issues and then various events and their consequences in Spanish society as the king’s father decided to move to Abu Dhabi on August 3, 2020.

Felipe VI told his father about the damage done to the Crown by all the acts of Don Juan Carlos and what is known in these two years. Although the prosecutor filed proceedings against the emeritus, his report was devastated by the actions of Don Juan Carlos. In addition, at this time, Felipe VI’s father’s desire to return to Spain, leaked by many of his friends, polarized the monarchists, who supported the father or son, rather than focusing on the institution.

The last event that troubled the Crown is how Don Juan Carlos’s first visit to Spain has been developed. The House was relying on Felipe VI’s father to stick to a statement sent by him on 5 March, in which he expressed his personal life and his decision to organize his residence in private areas, something that his Contrary to the way of travel. Sanxenxo was organized, presented to the press and was an event that Zarzuela had not expected.

This last fact was also highlighted by Don Felipe, who had a strong desire to act as head of state so that his father would understand his commitment to save the Crown and protect and honor the inherited legacy. The meeting became tense at the time, with the king’s father reiterating the reasons he returned to Spain via Sanxenxo. The reason relates to a private conversation between Felipe VI and Juan Carlos I a week earlier, when the son went to Abu Dhabi to express his condolences for the Emir’s death and spoke to his father on the phone, when he was already leaving the city. Was. That Don Juan Carlos lives.

The most emotional moment of the day happened after the father-son meeting ended. Don Juan Carlos was eventually able to meet Queen Doa Sofa, though keeping a safe distance, as his wife tested positive for COVID after a trip to Miami and wore a mask at all times. In spite of everything, the king’s mother attended lunch with the most intimate family. In addition to the king and queen, Don Juan Carlos and Doa Sofia, Infanta Sofia, Infanta Elena with their children and Infanta Margarita with Carlos Zurita were present. There was no member of the Urdangarin family, as the only person living in Madrid, Juan, is volunteering in India. His mother, Infanta Cristina, is also based out of Spain. As confirmed by this medium, María Zurita wanted to see King Juan Carlos, but she was engrossed in the recording of master Chef, Nor were any of the infanta pillar’s five children present.

Don Juan Carlos, who arrived in Abu Dhabi at dawn after an eight-hour flight, is planning to return to Spain for the Sailing World Championships to be held in Sanxenxo (June 10-18). Faced with this new journey, Zarzuela once again recalled the statement that the king’s father said on 5 March: Don Juan Carlos was the first to establish his permanent and stable residence in Abu Dhabi for personal reasons. expressed a desire to; and, secondly, his decision to organize his personal life and his place of residence in areas of a private nature, both during his travels and if he were to live in Spain again in the future, in order to continue to enjoy the greatest possible privacy. can be kept

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