Felipe VI travels to Abu Dhabi, although he is not matched with Don Juan Carlos

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The king attended the condolence ceremony after the death of the Emir of the Emirati capital. being an institutional visit where you don’t see your father

Felipe VI travels to Abu Dhabi, although he is not matched with Don Juan Carlos
  • stress Juan Carlos I is reluctant to go through Zarzuela “just to say hello” upon his return to Spain.

Felipe VI will advance this Sunday, May 15th, hasta abu dhabi To attend the condolence ceremony after the death of Amir, Jalifa bin Zayed Al NahyanHe died on May 13 at the age of 73. As confirmed by sources in Zarzuela, the monarch will travel to the capital of the United Arab Emirates as head of state, on a purely institutional visit.

as is Discarded That Don Felipe was reunited in the emirate with his father Juan Carlos I, a resident of Abu Dhabi, for almost two years. “This is a visit by the head of state to express his condolences,” the above sources explain to EL Mundo. That’s why sir Go and come back in the day.

Don Felipe will travel to the emirate with Luis Manuel Cuesta, Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. Other European leaders have also traveled there, such as King of Belgium and the Netherlands. Also, French President Emmanuel Macron will express his condolences to Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahen, brother of the deceased.

Emirates, destinations to avoid

Since King Juan Carlos moved his residence in August 2020 to Abu Dhabi, where he has decided to stay, the emirate has become a destination for the royal family to escape. indeed it is first trip That Don Felipe has made it to Abu Dhabi since his father’s departure, and it has been denied that he reconciled there with his father, whom he has not met at this time.

Felipe VI did not attend the opening of the Dubi Expo, to which Pedro Sánchez went, as a way avoid speculation, Dubi is only 400 kilometers from Abu Dhabi, so the king’s presence there led to a possible meeting with his father, which he wanted to do without.

However, the reunion between father and son is drawing to a close, as Don Juan Carlos will be traveling to Spain at some point. The return of King’s father is also a problem because, as EL MUNDO published yesterday, Jarzuela has been working on the return of Don Juan Carlos for a long time. Both sides are clear that the Emeritus’ first meeting with his son, Don Felipe, should take place when he sets foot on Spanish soil. However, Juan Carlos I wants to go to zarzuela And spend the night there, which he cannot do at this time. On the other hand, the Royal House prefers that they hold a meeting in which trust is given and photographer And then Father King goes to sleep somewhere else.

The relations between the Emirate and the Spanish Monarchy are very close due to the good relations woven by Don Juan Carlos. King Philip VI the heir of that friendshipThat is why a few months after the announcement, as part of a tour of the Gulf countries, the king visited the emirate. Since then, he has been in the celebrations marking the death of Qaboos bin Said. 2020 and omni and after the death of Andullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in 2015, he visited Arab Saud. In September 2020, Don Felipe was unable to go Kuwait After the death of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah from the pandemic.

Although there has been no other state visit since then, on 27 August Don Felipe held talks with Mohamed bin Zayed.strengthen relationships of friendship and cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Spain” and “exchange of views on a range of regional and international issues of interest”.

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