Felipe VI turns to Emir of Qatar


The sheikh is received with the highest regard and the king came to welcome him in El Pardo yesterday

The Kings with Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his wife Sheikha Zawlar in Zarzuela.
The Kings with Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his wife Sheikha Zawlar in Zarzuela.scar del pozaAFP
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Royal Houseas the supreme institution of the state, focused on the journey that the Amir Queue, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thanikand his wife, Sheikh jewelerare performed Spain, As a sign that this was not just a visit, King Felipe VI had the courtesy to visit the palace of el pardo Monday afternoon to welcome his Qatari counterpart, whom he also met on Sunday Abu Dhabi, Part of the delegation that has come to Spain is living in El Pardo and with Don Felipe Amir he wanted to exclusivity, something extraordinary.

This Tuesday, everything was ready first thing in the morning for the state reception of Sheikh and his wife. Royal Guard was displayed on the Esplanade of royal palace, from whose balconies used to hang the scripts of the House. At 11 a.m. Sheikh and his wife appeared on a Rolls-Royce And they were received by the kings, with whom they exchanged gestures of affection. After listening to the national anthems of both countries and reviewing the soldiers, the Emir and the king congratulated the officers.

The President of the Government from Spain, the President of the Congress and Senate, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Ambassador to Qatar, in addition to the Mayor madridto the secretary of state foreign Affairs and head of defense personnel,

The deployment of officials similar to that of Qatar, which has brought the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the head of the Diwan Amiri, the Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Energy Affairs, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. of commerce and industry. Also President of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Director of the Department of Studies and Research at Diwan Amiri, Executive Director of the QIA, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Spain, Director of the Department of European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diwan Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Office of the Head of Emirati.

Felipe VI with the Emir of Qatar in El Pardo this Monday.
Felipe VI with the Emir of Qatar in El Pardo this Monday.Royal House

In addition to the head of the Qatari Investment Fund, let three ministers accompany the sheikh – QIARealizes the importance of travel. However, 12 agreements will be signed with GAS as the main focus of the talks. Qatar is currently the second gas supplier with Spain. Nigeria Step backward further Algeria, In 2019, we imported 11.4% of our gas from Qatar.

So everyone wants to entertain Sheikh. After the honor at the Royal Palace, bin Hamad went to Madrid and from there to the City Hall to collect the keys to the Senate. With such a hectic schedule, it is not surprising that his next commitment to the Kings was delayed by almost half an hour. Before enjoying lunch in Zarzuela, the Emir and his Deputy Prime Minister held meetings with Don Felipe and the Spanish Foreign Minister and ambassadors of both countries.

Amir, who is always very smiling and comfortable with both the king and doa letiziaWith whom he shared a long conversation, commented that the Zarzuela garden looked “so beautiful”.

After lunch in Zarzuela, Amir and his crew went on a hippopotamus to see a race and a horse exhibition. Because Madrid Racecourse wants to sign a deal with the country, which has an important equestrian tradition.

With almost no time to rest, there will be a lavish dinner at the Royal Palace tonight. rich will be planted at that time Collar of the Order of Isabel CatholicThe highest honor for a foreign head of state.

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