Felipe VI: “We need to maintain the tenacity of our institutions”


King has asked the youth to work for “guarantees of the rule of law” when “the very foundation of coexistence is questioned”.

King Felipe VI in an act this week
King Felipe VI in an act this weekJuanjo MartinEFE
  • words Felipe VI asks new lawyers to defend “justice as the highest value”

Felipe VI presided over the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the office of Ura Menendez. A law firm with which Don Felipe has many personal relationships. “always save A very special memory certainly spectacular and even very personal thanks“, the king confessed in his own words. Because Aurelio Mendez was a teacher of Felipe VI during his years as a law student at the Autonomous University of Madrid. The founder, along with Rodrigo Ura, of the law firm, ward of the then prince’s lawyer, Asturias gave rise to a relationship of loyalty to the Crown from office and a gratitude to the Emperor from the Firm.

From the stage of the Coliseum theatre, Felipe VI wanted to address the workers ms jevens of the firm: “You are the future”, he told them. “You are part of the generation that guide big decisions that from now on they will guide our steps”, he reflected. Don Felipe confirmed that “the recent history of Spain is a success story”, for this reason, he called them “what we have achieved together”. Need reminded of the need. Consolidate, deepen and become even more successful.” For this, the king urged the young people to “Maintain the tenacity of our institutions, Caring for and promoting the values ​​and best practices of coexistence, respect and consent”.

All this is necessary because we live in a time in which the “uncertainty factor” has taken on “even more force”, King said. ,The basics are highly ambiguous. who have strengthened our co-existence in recent decades”, he reflected. “As a group of democracies, we must defend not only the rule of law and the values ​​and principles emanating from our constitutions, but also peaceful And the faithful must also be strengthened. relationship outline”, requested Don Felipe. He has also emphasized the need for “Guarantee of the rule of law”.

Regarding the law firm, Don Felipe has asked lawyers to “preserve” the founders’ memory and “formidable legacy”. he also wants to move Luis de Carlos Beltran“A very warm thank you” for everything you do “for the Crown”, Ura Méndez’s President Partner. Finally, King has valued lawyers as “a framework for the economic development of our country” and “a school of great lawyers”.

was received by Don Felipe, at the entrance of the Coliseum Theater in Madrid Javier Solana, President of the Professor Ura Foundation; Mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez Almeida; and Presidency Minister Flix Bolaos, a former employee of the office.

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