Fernando Costa: “Any rapper dreams of buying his mother a house and I’ve already done it”


Fernando Costa (Ibiza, 1995) made his debut album collecting drinks in a nightclub. Three years later and with his career already established, he published tititando, “My grandmother is my biggest inspiration,” says

Fernando Costa: “I’ve already bought my mom a house, which is every rapper’s dream.” Interview

ferdinand costa (Ibiza, 1995) made their debut album while collecting drinks in their island’s clubs. Three years later, he has gone from singing in front of a few hundred people to filling rooms with 10,000. With his career already established, he has just published tititandoHis second studio album. “My grandmother is my idol and my biggest inspiration”He tells us.

In 2019 we talked and then you defended that Fernando Costa was not the person and Fernando Costa the character, but your popularity has increased a lot since then. Is this still the case?
Yes, I haven’t changed the name of the id or wrap. I try to take both the aspects hand in hand and tell people that I am a normal child. I am neither more nor less because I am singing at some places or people come to see me. Kids rap too or better than me. There have been many circumstances that compel us to speak here now.
How important is your family to you? Your mother comes out speaking in a voice memo at the beginning of the album.
excess. In the end, I grew up with women: my grandmother, my sister, my mother. My father always worked and he is very important in my life. The imprisonment caught me with my family in a small apartment in Ibiza. We were five inside and there was always a fight in the end, but luckily I was able to keep up with them.
Speaking of flats, at one point in the album you say that you have bought a house for your mother. Is this true or is it just a rapper bragging?
No, no, I have bought a house for him. Thinking that things are going well for you is something that sometimes leaves you dizzy and overwhelmed, but there’s nothing I’m more happy with, or with which I think I’ve given my family the most. has hurt, I have paid for it. Gave them a better home than him. It is like an achievement in my life. I guess that’s what any rapper aims for, isn’t it? To be able to buy a house for his mother. I have. I am very happy and they are too. Being able to buy your mother a house so early and with music is something that is priceless.
When making music, who do you have as a reference? your partner juancho marquis For example, he used to say that Antonio Machado is more of a reference to him than any current rapper.
Well, it’s as easy as it sounds, my family and my friends. I’ve never really been much into studies. I don’t think I have a great culture and I can’t tell you about great thinkers or great literary artists, but the effort my family made to move forward… my grandmother, for example, whose eight There were brothers and sisters. The hunger she went through, all the stories she tells me… My grandmother is my role model and my biggest inspiration. She’s the kind of person who has worked hard to move us forward, for our future, and I think the effort she puts into making everything right is what inspired me the most in life. My mother also taught me to fight, throw two balls in life and move forward.
Do you show songs before publishing them?
some. So I know he won’t be too scared.
Are they scared?
Let’s see, you think sometimes the way I talk about your time and me clashes. But yes, I teach them songs and every time they ask more than me and they are on top of what I do. They are more reluctant when you start. Let’s see if it’s going to be good, let’s see what my son says… but when they see people come to concerts, that they’ve got my phrases or tattoos on my face, they end up Take out your chest.
Has your grandmother been able to see you alive?
No, he hasn’t seen me at the concert yet. We’re waiting to see if we give one a pass because his feet are so swollen and it’s not that easy, but it’s something I want to do. I show her videos and she asks me how the couplets are going and all that, but she doesn’t fully understand what is happening.
How does it go from going from a show in the butt room for a few hundred people to doing it in Vistelegre before 10,000?
I try to take it as it is so that it doesn’t affect me much. I never calm down because I know everything is going well, that there are allies, that time is tight, etc. But in the end I try to have fun and think it’s a chroma key and no one else. If I stop thinking about all the people who come to see us and put them all in one file, I won’t go on stage. I get very nervous. I think it exists.
What would you like to achieve with this album? What will leave a good taste in your mouth?
Along with enjoying the build process, which I have done, and with not letting people down. When you already have a journey into music, you do it for the people who listen to you.

God willing, I’ll never be as bad again as I was in the past and that makes me different

Are you afraid that the public will say: ‘You have changed’ or ‘Your music was better before’?
I understand it and I know they will always say it. I have also realized that things were better in the past. But it doesn’t affect me. I understand that I am not the same and I will never be again. God willing, I will never again be as bad as I was in the past and that makes me different. I am no longer the Fernando of three years ago, spoiled for collecting glasses, who didn’t have a penny, who wrote down thinking nothing was ever going to happen. It will never come back. But it is whiteness that wags its tail in the artist’s world. When you are good you want to be bad. You write well when you are wrong. In the end you will never be the same.
Why do you say that you even thought the past was better?
Because I think it’s something we all think about. The memory of that summer, that song… and I think the spontaneity that an artist has, in the beginning, when he is just starting out, never comes back. It is always said that “before was cooler” and in the end it was “not cooler before”, but before it was someone else. Before I had other experiences, I didn’t have the maturity I have now and perhaps that, spontaneity and impulsiveness played out more. Now they take on other types of roles, such as those looking to work longer hours. Why? To leave an impression. They are different things.
Are you worried about the urgency that is there today when it comes to consuming music, that a record you’ve worked on for so long burns out too quickly and people move on to something else? ?
A lot, really. Now people want loud music on the spot. It ends soon and you already want some more to be cut and thrown away. It scares me a little, but at the same time, the album is a way of showing off all the work we’ve done this time. So we are releasing some songs gradually.
where are you looking now?
good question I don’t know, really. To be honest, I don’t know how to tell you where I’m going, what I expect from life or what I expect from music. I just want to be quiet tomorrow, in case it comes. To be able to enjoy everything we just worked on. It is a life that falls on one person out of many, and I believe the most important thing is to dedicate yourself to doing what you love and enjoying it.

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